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Case Studies: Design Thinking

Premier Midwestern Energy Provider

To design a better solution for the client’s timesheet data entry process, Mindset started by probing end-user challenges and specific pain points.

Global Agribusiness Cooperative

For this global agribusiness client, Mindset delivered a complete user-centric digital transformation that represented best practices for digitizing the industry.

Large State Electric Utility

The client sought to replace their legacy portal with a centralized, user-friendly site for employee information, accessible without any dependency on Human Resources.

International Agricultural Producer and Distributor

To increase the overall efficiency and transparency of the client’s challenging bid process, Mindset created and implemented a shared, cross-team system that reduced effort 30%.

Publicly Owned Utility

Applying for SAP roles was full of roadblocks for the client’s employees and contractors. Using Design Thinking, Mindset developed a solution that increased both efficiency and visibility.

Fortune 100 Agricultural Cooperative

Communication between owners of a global agricultural cooperative was complex and problematic. Mindset put forward a solution that simplified access to real-time data.

Medical Supplies Conglomerate

The customer’s sales team needed an easier way to maximize time with clients and drive sales. Mindset led a Design Thinking process to understand pain points and rapidly iterate solutions.

Global Chemical Supplier

Managing scrap notifications was a chore for the client, so the Mindset team was engaged to transform this task into a straightforward step in their business process.
Workers fixing a power line

Utility Holding Company – Outage Project

The client’s work-order booking system left emergency responders at risk and negatively impacted customers. Using Agile/Scrum methodology, Mindset designed an accessible, user-friendly Gas Emergency and Electric Outage App.
Doctors and staff talking in hospital

Medical Technology Company

To improve utilization of the client’s CRM, Mindset developed a tailored SAP U15 application that enhanced user experience, increased engagement, and provided cross-company visibility into high-value interactions.
Close up of doctor's hands holding a mobile phone

Medical Device Company

Leveraging Mindset’s Design Thinking processes, the client transformed their cumbersome SAP system and service order management process into an intuitive, efficient, and broadly accessible platform.
Semi truck drivign on highway

Multinational Food Corporation – Logistics

Following an Agile product development model Mindset helped to revolutionize a slow, multi-step manual process for managing large volumes of exception processing of freight invoices.
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