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Case Studies

Real-world examples of how Mindset’s comprehensive technical expertise has transformed business in the fields of healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, and other essential industries.

Global Agribusiness Company

The client engaged Mindset to design a system for real-time tracking and reporting of shipments and plant activity. Mindset’s experts created an efficient solution by utilizing a Design Thinking approach.

Leading Chemical Manufacturing Company

Inventory management required manual validation of each part, followed by one-by-one entry of parts into the SAP system. Mindset was asked to build an improved, portable, and device-agnostic application.

Multinational Media Corporation

As the client’s existing vendor invoice management system lacked vital information and led to errors, Mindset was asked to develop a simpler and more user-friendly solution.

Global Agricultural Leader

The client sought to enhance the offline user experience of mobile applications (Android & iOS) and implement a Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) process to improve system efficiency, speed, and quality.

Diversified Food Production Corporation

The client recognized the need to improve their cumbersome and time-consuming sales order processes and approached Mindset to create a more efficient, user-centric solution.

Multinational Agribusiness Corporation

For improved inventory and carrier management, the client enlisted Mindset to develop an application with a simple UI design that integrated data from multiple sources.

International Agricultural Corporation

The client wanted an innovative application for highlighting equine nutritional impact, enabling its sales team to better demonstrate the credibility and superiority of their branded horse feed.

Fortune 500 Manufacturing Corporation

Mindset was approached to replace a manual system that was time-consuming, resource-intensive, and prone to error. The final solution brought all relevant data into one consolidated system that reduced time requirements and increased efficiency.

U.S. Manufacturing Conglomerate

The Mindset team was engaged to simplify the client’s shipping process system in order to eliminate pain points for both external vendors and internal users.
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