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Case Studies: Design Thinking

Large Release Liner Manufacturing Company

The Mindset team was engaged to create an improved materials management system. Once deployed, the new system increased efficiency, provided access to extended data, and significantly saved time.

Multinational Consumer Foods Manufacturer

The client’s inventory management system lacked vital, relevant contact information, causing user stress and wasted time and effort. Mindset was approached to design a centralized, more efficient solution.

Leading Producer of Consumer Foods

Customers received a confusing, automated email from the client every time they changed an order. Mindset worked with the client to create a clear, straightforward process that reduced confusion.

Large Chemical Manufacturing Company

The client was using a combination of paper forms, Microsoft Excel files, and email for asset entry/exit management. Instead, Mindset designed a software solution that centralized information and streamlined workflow.

Network Infrastructure Provider

Mindset created an online, comprehensive dashboard that provided better visibility into customer data, with users now finding “everything at our fingertips.”

Large Wire and Cable Manufacturer

To replace the existing system of paper forms, Excel files, and emails, Mindset designed a paperless software solution for simpler, easier management of asset entry/exit data.

Large Home Improvement Retail Corporation

In less than 6 weeks, the client had a SAP Fiori-based solution that enabled store associates to have anywhere, anytime access to product information through a mobile, device-agnostic application.

Healthcare and Veterinary Supplies Conglomerate

Fulfillment center managers needed a new system for management of warehouse performance data. The Mindset team developed a set of tools that enabled higher productivity, cost optimization, and time savings.

Global Agribusiness Company

The client engaged Mindset to design a system for real-time tracking and reporting of shipments and plant activity. Mindset’s experts created an efficient solution by utilizing a Design Thinking approach.

Multinational Media Corporation

As the client’s existing vendor invoice management system lacked vital information and led to errors, Mindset was asked to develop a simpler and more user-friendly solution.

Diversified Food Production Corporation

The client recognized the need to improve their cumbersome and time-consuming sales order processes and approached Mindset to create a more efficient, user-centric solution.

Multinational Agribusiness Corporation

For improved inventory and carrier management, the client enlisted Mindset to develop an application with a simple UI design that integrated data from multiple sources.
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