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Over the last decade, Mindset has worked with hundreds of customers developing experiences that delight end users.  During that time, we’ve been able to work in countless scenarios, processes, and industries.  Mindset has taken our learnings over the years and compiled common use cases into accelerators to help speed up our solution delivery.  We start with our design thinking process, and when it comes to actually building the solution, we start from a templatized delivery approach that can really improve your time to end user improvement and value!

Fiori App Analyzer

Mindset’s Fiori App Analyzer allows you to monitor and spend where it makes sense.

Mindset has installed our Fiori App Analyzer for free in may of our clients SAP Fiori landscapes.  This allows them to track Fiori usage from the launchpad in real-time.  Statistics that were hard to get to in backend tables and hard to understand are now seen in an easy to view dashboard with the ability to drill down into filterable tables.  This let’s business functional product owners and IT system administrators see exactly who’s using what, how much, and when.  We also allow end users to leave ratings and feedback on the applications they use every-day which allows an IT department to spend UX investment dollars wisely!

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Real-Time actionable info for warehouse managers.

Mindset created our WarehouseWise suite of applications to make sure Warehouse Managers have a clear view into their operations in real-time.  Time after time, we heard the biggest pain point in a warehouse was sorting through the data that comes in and trying to be proactive.  Our dashboards, visualizations, and real-time data cut through the noise to make sure you get things out the door on time!

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Safely Checking in/out drivers to transportation facilities was never easier!

Mindset’s SafeTransport solution centered around a need that sprung up in the transportation industry when COVID-19 came into our lives.  As a quick response, we provided applications to safely check truck drivers into transportation facilities.  By using SAP BTP to host 2 applications, we allowed truck drivers and check-in clerks to communicate with each other without needing to go into a building and/or physically interact.  This not only helps with a COVID-19 plan, but also improves efficiency across the board in the check-in process.

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Expedite your processes by having a comprehensive outlook into the complete process before taking actions through a streamlined process.

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Service Technicians

We’ve worked in multiple industries to serve a better experience for Service workers.  Utilities, Consumer packaged goods and services, and Healthcare to name a few.  We strive to make sure a service technician does not have to “open a laptop” to complete their job.  Whether it’s documenting notifications or working through the process of an end to end work order, these are applications we’ve built to enhance the end user experience of a person in the field.  Contact us for a demo on our solutions that can accelerate field service delivery.

Featured Solution

Our customer knew their field service technicians needed help in their SAP experience.  Mindset delivered an end to end day application suite to make sure field service workers could start their day and end their day within SAP apps that work for them!

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Field Sales

Field Sales Representatives are always on the go.  Within SAP, the Customer Experience in this space hasn’t always been to the level a sales rep expects when they need to quickly walk in, talk to a customer, have data at their fingertips, and propose products.  That’s why we’ve worked to create mobile applications that work for sales reps that utilize SAP customer data.  Order history, service history, customer notes, route planning, and more are all areas a sales rep needs to be successful when making 13+ stops per day.  Over our years working in this area, we’ve developed accelerators that can get you started in thinking about how to improve your sales reps’ experience to improve your overall customer experience!

Featured Solution

Sales applications that work on the go.  This solution revolved around a customer who had field sales representatives that needed information at their fingertips and a way to see the full history of a customer.  In order to have an intelligent conversation as a sales person, you need to have the right data at the right time, for whatever question comes up.

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