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Case Studies: Energy/Utilities

Integrated Public Power Utility

The client recognized the need to improve their challenging purchase requisition (PRs) creation process and enlisted Mindset to create a new, streamlined solution.

Premier Midwestern Energy Provider

To design a better solution for the client’s timesheet data entry process, Mindset started by probing end-user challenges and specific pain points.

Large State Electric Utility

The client sought to replace their legacy portal with a centralized, user-friendly site for employee information, accessible without any dependency on Human Resources.

Publicly Owned Utility

Applying for SAP roles was full of roadblocks for the client’s employees and contractors. Using Design Thinking, Mindset developed a solution that increased both efficiency and visibility.
Workers fixing a power line

Utility Holding Company – Outage Project

The client’s work-order booking system left emergency responders at risk and negatively impacted customers. Using Agile/Scrum methodology, Mindset designed an accessible, user-friendly Gas Emergency and Electric Outage App.

Xcel Energy

As an industry leader with thousands of employees in the field, Xcel Energy recognized the need for a faster and mobile time entry system.
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