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Case Study: Manufacturing/Sales

Patterson Companies

How Patterson Transformed its Technical Service Performance with Fiori

Patterson Companies, Inc. is a value-added distributer focused on providing best-in-class products, services, technology, and experiences.


Patterson wanted to transform how it was completing their service orders. The existing system involved the Service Team logging in to their CRM after meetings to replicate the data for their SAP ECC system. This process was:

  • Time and click-intensive
  • Lacked business logic to prevent errors
  • Not intuitive
  • Employee frustration could spill over to the customer experience
  • Orders not being completed / billed


Patterson partnered with Mindset to create a new service order system using SAP Fiori.
Why Fiori?

  • Seamless integration into SAP
  • Aligns with SAP’s long-term UX strategy
  • UI gave us a platform to streamline complex processes
  • Linear process flow
  • Sales and warehouse user groups already utilized Fiori
  • Good relationship with the implementation partner
  • Both sides already familiar with design process and the platform


Step 1. Design Thinking

Patterson involved service personnel and other users in a Design Thinking process that focused on the how the users interface with their customers and how the systems could better support the needs of the Patterson representatives.


Step 2. Prototyping

A series of prototypes were developed that allowed the team to better visualize how the new solution would work. Feedback gathered at each step of the prototyping process helped the design improve to ensure the final version allowed the information needed to be gathered in a way that was fast, efficient. and intuitive.


Step 3. Design and Build

Insights from design thinking and the high res prototype combined with the input from the product owner define the initial user story backlog

The hi res prototype combined with an initial backlog allowing the dev team to build a tangible product within two weeks which allows the product owners to begin providing feedback immediately.


Design and Implementation

  • Field users involved from the start
  • Mobile-optimized design
  • Biweekly sprints/demos to gather user insight
  • Pilots

The MVP was pilot tested with 17 Technicians in 17 unique locations. In Pilot 1, these 17 Technicians acted as Super Users. After the pilot with this first group, mass implementation followed.

1.3 Million
in revenue

captured annually due to reduction in open orders

Fiori is so ridiculously easy compared to the multiple path/multiple steps
that CRM has been I wasn’t worried about going live. The linear approach to Fiori is a huge advantage over CRM in my opinion.”

Fiori User


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