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Mindset Labs

At Mindset’s core is Mindset Labs

Mindset started with a single customer who wanted to innovate, try, and test. From that  beginning the DNA of Mindset has its roots in the ability to combine the latest SAP  technologies with people to deliver highly useable solutions that are fast and agile.

Mindset Labs Customer Offerings

Mindset offers customers the ability to engage our internal software development team to work on exploring exciting possibilities.  This is our core, this is where we want to focus with you.  Give us a pain point, let us work with you to ideate possibilities.  From that, we create a proof of concept of the idea we’ve narrowed in on and showcase it to stakeholders across the business to gain further excitement for the concept.  Usually this process is very quick.  We want to ideate, design, and deliver something of real value to showcase in 4 weeks.  

What we are currently working on

A lot of the things we’re working internally on in the labs space has to do with big topic areas in the world of SAP.  Sustainability and BTP are some of the largest focus areas of SAP this year and into 2022.  In our Mindset Labs, we’re always working on trying new technologies and ideating new ways to solve the problems of our world.  You see all of these in the different things we post here on our website as blogs, on social media as  YouTube videos, as product demos, and as learnings in webinars and roundtables.

Sample BTP use cases

iRPA – Vendor Invoice Automation

The Challenge:  100’s if not 1000’s of vendor invoices come in via email for processing each month in SAP.  This is time-consuming manual work to extract PDF information needed to enter into SAP and is prone to error.

The Solution:  SAP BTP iRPA is utilized to automate this process.  The architecture diagram shows the services/areas involved to complete.

The Outcome: Increased speed, improved accuracy, improved control, allows employees to focus on higher value tasks.

Featured Solution

.Click here for a video overview of this solution:

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SAP Conversational AI – SAP Password Reset Bot

The Challenge:  SAP passwords have always been hard to manage. In reviewing many organization’s Service Now tickets it’s not uncommon for greater than 50% of all SAP tickets to be related to SAP logon problems.  This is a big headache that has an easy to fix.

The Solution:  Mindset’s Labs team decided to use Conversational AI to solve this problem. The CAI bot is built within the CAI platform hosted by SAP. Once you go through the steps to create your bot in the wizard based bot builder, you can then publish your bot to a myriad of different areas.  We chose to host it within the internal Slack messaging system as well as an intranet website.  Below are 2 quick screenshots of this solution.

The Outcome:  Employees can now reset their password in any of the internal SAP systems quickly and easily via a Slack bot!  It’s fun, easy, and engaging.  Best of all, it’s self-service that never goes to sleep!

See our detailed CAI blog series here:   

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SAP BTP Launchpad Service

The Challenge:  The Mindset Labs group needed a place to house all of the solutions we’ve developed. Because a variety of development systems and versions were used, we needed a “Central Entry Point” to house these projects with the ability to quickly and easily show them.

The Solution:  SAP BTP Launchpad Service was activated and configured for SAP S/4HANA content as well as SAP BTP application content within the same launchpad entry point. SSO controls logons to backend systems.  This solution also enables us to quickly showcase applications on mobile devices via Mobile Start

The Outcome:  Our SAP BTP Launchpad site.  Also available via the Mobile Start app for app showcase on the go!

Featured Solution

MIndset’s Accelerators reside on SAP BTP Launchpad. Please reach out for a demo on any of our project accelerators  or for more details on building  launchpad service portal pages that can easily be linked to a mobile device experience!

The Next Big Thing

New areas the labs team are working on at Mindset:

Stay Tuned for more on these innovation areas:

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