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Bring the power of DevOps to your SAP environment

In today’s high demand IT environments, using outdated methodologies, processes or practices restrain your organization’s ability to transform the user experience of technology in the enterprise. A DevOps-informed approach ensures your enterprise systems stay clean and robust while providing an industry-leading experience for your developers, enterprise technology team, users, and business stakeholders.


Enabled Development Environments designed for Now

The SAP development ecosystem has traditionally lagged in the adoption of technology, processes and practices when compared with the wider technology industry.

This creates fundamental conflicts and questions: How do SAP development teams ship reliable and stable software with a velocity that is closer to the technology industry benchmarks? How do SAP teams and technology cooperate with the rest of the enterprise? With partners and customers?

The fact that SAP runs some of the most mission-critical applications for organizations, makes these questions critical ones.

Adopting a DevOps-informed approach can help organizations to answer these questions but this must be orchestrated with the nuances of the SAP environment. We work with the perspective that adopting DevOps requires not just technology adoption, but also a strong commitment to process change and adoption of modern development and operations practices.

How Mindset Consulting delivers measurable results to these problems?

  • We understand the impact of exceptional user experience and its influence on the adoption of solutions by end-users
  • Our UX/CX- centric design focus provides you with a simplified digital experience enabled by SAP S/4HANA
  • As an established SAP Build and SAP AppHaus Partner, we provide services focused on design thinking, innovation, and technology-enabled business transformation
  • Our experts specializing across Fiori App development, SAP Cloud Platform (SCP), and SAP Business Transformation Platform (BTP) offer your seamless capabilities.


Solutions designed to Enable and Excel

Advisory and Coaching

Our consultants engage in initial assessments and workshops to outline your organization’s existing practices and develop a vision for the future. Based on the outcome of this assessment, we conduct targeted coaching and training sessions for the relevant team members to collaboratively build on the envisioned solution as well as support its implementation and monitor progress.

Implementation Enablement

The objective of implementing a robust DevOps practice is to increase the velocity of delivery. Integrating Mindset’s Agile approach to Design, SAP Fiori and SAP S/4 HANA implementations with your organisation’s internal DevOps systems and processes allows for higher velocity delivery and gives your teams the chance to learn by watching our development in practice. A DevOps implementation enablement add-on to an SAP Fiori, or an SAP S/4 HANA project allows us to bring in a dedicated build engineer to enable and improve your internal DevOps technology stack.

Custom Practice, Process and technology Solutions 

We recognize that as with business processes, your organization’s DevOps processes might be very specific to your requirements. In such cases, we bring a tailored engagement model to DevOps transition, which works very closely with your team on initiatives such as:

  • Implementing and training on a key technology enablers like ABAPGit and Fiori Tools
  • Integrating the ABAP Transport system with the Azure DevOps platform
  • Adopting Scrum practice for UI5 development

If you are ready to build the ability to meet demands around velocity and development experience, while maintaining quality in business-critical situations, use the Contact Us form below to set up an initial discussion.

Read more about Mindset’s services.

Additional services to support your S/4HANA implementation.


Mindset can help you build or augment your SAP Team

Mindset is a global leader in delivering exceptional SAP design, development, and digital transformation. For organizations who would like to augment their team, Mindset offers best-in-class SAP expertise across the SAP ecosystem. We’ve matched thousands of projects with world-class consultants. Let us help you build the right team to meet your goals.

Contact us for more details


Delivering Exceptional Outcomes Faster

With more than a decade of experience making SAP beautiful, Mindset has the tools and the processes to help you make your next strategic leaps faster then you can imagine including our.App Library and SAP Software.

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