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Case Studies: Agriculture

Leading Agribusiness Company

With Mindset’s help, the client sought to replace their chaotic process for managing data from different instance repositories with one accessible, unified solution.

Global Agribusiness Company

The client engaged Mindset to design a system for real-time tracking and reporting of shipments and plant activity. Mindset’s experts created an efficient solution by utilizing a Design Thinking approach.

Global Agricultural Leader

The client sought to enhance the offline user experience of mobile applications (Android & iOS) and implement a Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) process to improve system efficiency, speed, and quality.

Diversified Food Production Corporation

The client recognized the need to improve their cumbersome and time-consuming sales order processes and approached Mindset to create a more efficient, user-centric solution.

Multinational Agribusiness Corporation

For improved inventory and carrier management, the client enlisted Mindset to develop an application with a simple UI design that integrated data from multiple sources.

International Agricultural Corporation

The client wanted an innovative application for highlighting equine nutritional impact, enabling its sales team to better demonstrate the credibility and superiority of their branded horse feed.

International Food Corporation

The client needed an improved, digital solution to navigate through several types of bank requests for more than 100 customer accounts.

Global Food and Agricultural Company

With over 800 company codes, the client struggled to manage the numerous bank accounts and signatories on each. Mindset was engaged to decrease complexity and improve user experience.

International Agribusiness Corporation

The client’s process for executing work orders was time-consuming and inaccurate. They needed an effective and device-agnostic application that provided real-time visibility to inventory and resources.

Large Agribusiness Firm

To better meet deliverable deadlines, the client needed to simplify and streamline the driver check-in process with a new system that reduced process touchpoints and improved productivity.

Global Agribusiness Cooperative

For this global agribusiness client, Mindset delivered a complete user-centric digital transformation that represented best practices for digitizing the industry.

International Agricultural Producer and Distributor

To increase the overall efficiency and transparency of the client’s challenging bid process, Mindset created and implemented a shared, cross-team system that reduced effort 30%.
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