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Case Study: Healthcare

Medical Supplies Conglomerate

Creating an Exceptional User Experience to Drive Sales

Lacking an effective, mobile-friendly, customer relationship management tool, the client’s sales team was struggling to manage and grow their client base. Mindset leveraged Design Thinking to create user personas, understand pain points, and rapidly iterate solutions using low-resolution prototypes. The final application offered an exceptional user experience that made the sales representatives’ lives easier all-around, from simplifying tasks like emailing invoices to providing strategic insights through predictive analytics. With a 70% increase in mobile usage, the team could more effectively drive sales by increasing customer interactions and maximizing time with clients.

increase In mobile usage

“Ease of use, intuitive, keeping customer notes for all to view, creating tasks.” – Field User

“Being able to email or text the pdf of the invoice to the customer or to send in free goods is easy.” – Field User

“Being able to look at the customer list and hyperlink phone number is awesome” – Field User

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