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Revolutionary Technology for Real-World Results

Mindset can help you plan, design, and deploy AI-enabled solutions empowering your business processes with power and flexibility. 

We use SAP and AI to enable smarter decision-making, scaled efficiency, and extreme useability.

  • AI customized to your business processes
  • Leveraging SAP AI, trained on the industry’s broadest business datasets
  • AI built on leading ethics and data privacy standards

SAP Business AI helps customers unlock three sources of value in a relevant, reliable, and responsible manner for better performance.

NATURAL USER EXPERIENCE: Facilitates human-machine interaction

AUTOMATION: Enable machines to complete repetitive tasks like humans

INSIGHTS, OPTIMIZATION, & PREDICTIONS: Augment human decisions and cognition

Mindset’s AI Solutions 

Mindset offers three powerful solutions to help your organization leverage the power of AI.

Gen AI Use Case Exploration
  • Curious about Gen AI but unsure where to begin?
  • Are you seeing opportunities with Gen AI but need help with identifying high-value use cases?

Dive into our 1.5-day workshop to explore how Gen AI can benefit your business process for impactful outcomes.

What to Expect:

  • Gain inspiration with Gen AI’s art of the possible & understanding of its capabilities
  • Unpack specific business process pain points & re-imagine a scenario from an end-user perspective
  • Systematically ideate on valuable use cases using Mindset’s human-centric methodology & the SAP AppHaus Innovation Toolkit.
  • Define & prioritize viable use cases, focusing on business value, technical feasibility & ethics.

Key Outcomes:

  • Understanding what Gen AI can be used for & how it is relevant to your business
  • Prioritized Gen AI use case ideas based on business impact, effort, and technical & ethical considerations.
  • Alignment between business & IT stakeholders on which use case to potentially implement or create a PoC
  • Can be conducted in person or virtual
Gen AI Proof of Value

What to Expect:

  • Scoping Workshop
  • Technical Discovery Workshop(s)
  • Stakeholder interviews (end-users, biz, IT)

Key Outcomes:

  • Readout findings, insights & implications
  • Create Minimum Viable Architecture & Solution Concept Diagram
  • Co-create low, med, and hi-fidelity mockups/prototypes
  • Build PoC (+/- accelerator)
  • Enterprise roadmap
AI Solution Accelerators

Browse our menu of AI solution accelerators. If any apply to your business, we will implement a working POC in your environment quickly and economically. Then, we will work with you to bring the POC to a production-ready state for your enterprise.

What to Expect:

  • Tour of Mindset’s AI accelerator catalog, showcasing working solutions
    • Customer Service Representative AI sidekick
    • Plant Maintenance accelerated maintenance notification creation with AI image recognition
    • AI accelerated technical and functional documentation
  • Scoping workshop
  • BTP-enablement, if required
  • Implementation of accelerated solutions in the customer landscape
  • Product roadmap tailored to your enterprise

Read more about Mindset’s services.

Additional services to support your Fiori implementation.


MIndset can help you build your SAP Expertise

Mindset is a global leader in delivering exceptional SAP design, development, and digital transformation. For organizations who would like to augment their team, Mindset offers best-in-class SAP expertise across the SAP ecosystem. We’ve matched thousands of projects with world-class consultants. Let us help you build the right team to meet your goals.

Contact us for more details


Delivering Exceptional Outcomes Faster

With more than a decade of experience making SAP beautiful, Mindset has the tools and the processes to help you make your next strategic leaps faster then you can imagine including our.App Library and SAP Software.

Contact us for more details

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