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Innovative and Human Centered Transformation for Finance

Finance assumes a key role in shaping the digital transformation strategy for businesses today. Current trends around hyperconnectivity, cloud computing, blockchain, robotics, artificial intelligence, cyber security and circular economy play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Finance.

New and innovative business models, ambitious growth plans with a focus on Mergers and Acquisitions, efficient working capital management and gaining process efficiencies amongst a host of other possibilities are shaping the industry today.


Mindset helps organizations realize the full potential of S/4HANA’s efficiency.

Mindset is uniquely positioned to partner with you on your digital transformation initiatives for Finance. We believe in solving these challenges with empathy and keeping the end-user in mind. Our approach to problem solving is simple and human-centered.

Our portfolio of service offerings include:

  • SAP Advisory Services for SAP S/4HANA Assessments and Roadmaps
  • Digital Discovery Services for Business Transformation Use Case development leveraging Design Thinking Methodology
  • SAP Finance Design and Implementation Services for Best Practices based implementation of SAP S/4HANA following SAP Activate Methodology
  • Experience Driven Development Services to augment and enhance SAP functionality to improve end user experience
  • Continuous Improvement Services for Application Support and Value- based implementation of SAP intelligent technologies

MINDSET helps Finance

How Mindset delivers results for your Finance Transformation

  • We have a long history of serving the Finance Line-of-Business of large global clients and have developed a deep understanding of business processes in Finance 
  • A culture of innovation runs deep in Mindset’s DNA. We have partnered with leading global Finance organizations to solve complex problems with innovative solutions
  •  We have access to a vast network of skilled resources to bring you the right resource at the right price

Read more about Mindset’s services.

Additional services to support your Financial implementation.


MIndset can help you build your SAP Expertise

Mindset is a global leader in delivering exceptional SAP design, development, and digital transformation. For organizations who would like to augment their team, Mindset offers best-in-class SAP expertise across the SAP ecosystem. We’ve matched thousands of projects with world-class consultants. Let us help you build the right team to meet your goals.

Contact us for more details


Delivering Exceptional Outcomes Faster

With more than a decade of experience making SAP beautiful, Mindset has the tools and the processes to help you make your next strategic leaps faster then you can imagine including our.App Library and SAP Software.

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