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Interested in learning more about what Mindset has to offer? From webinar recordings to our library of published books on SAP,  the Mindset resource section is intended to help illustrate the potential of your SAP system.


Keynote panel presentation at Sapphire 2019

Mindset’s CEO, Gavin Quinn and client Marc Kermisch, CIO of Red Wing Shoes, kicked off Mindset’s presentations with their participation in the SAP Keynote Executive Panel on Tuesday. The session began with a 30 second introduction of Mindset and was followed by an insightful discussion.

Cargill's Design Lead Fiori Journey

Presented by Cargill’s Chris Hein-SAP Manager and Lance Whittaker-Agile Lead with Mindset's Naveen Rokkam

Transforming the IT-Business Relationship through Design Thinking and Fiori

Hennie Pieters, Leader: Enterprise Architecture, Sun Chemical

Johns Hopkins: Path to a Better User Experience

Presented by E. Zachary Rose, Project Manager, Johns Hopkins

How Cargill transformed Enterprise Asset Management User Experience

Presented by Cargill’s Chris Hein-SAP Manager and Lance Whittaker-Agile Lead with Mindset's Naveen Rokkam

SAP and Apple introduce 9 apps for business including Mindset's TM Driver App

Mindset's Gavin Quinn and Andy Prier introduced Mindset's TM Driver in two presentations in the SAP booth

ASUG Presentation: S/4 HANA Warehouse Management Offerings

Download Stephanie Weiss' popular presentation from ASUG Colorado on EWM

ASUG Industries Presentation: Xcel Energy's Employee Experience Transformation

Xcel Energy's Employee Experience transformation presented by Xcel's Dawn Philaya and Mindset's Andy Prier you can access the recording from the ASUG Industries event page. Industry: Utilities Day: 9/22, Track 2, starting at 72:00/163:20. A link to register to access ASUG's content can be found here:

Mindset Demos and Case Studies

Mindset Interactive Prototypes

An array of interactive prototypes developed by Mindset

Case Study: Patterson Companies Inc.

How Patterson transformed its Technical Service Performance with Fiori

ISG Provider Lens™ SAP HANA and EcoSystem Partners Quadrant Report

Download ISG's latest research concerning the SAP S/4 HANA and Ecosystem partners including Mindset.


Mindset Webinar: Remote Design Thinking

This session provides an overview of Remote Design Thinking. Remote Design Thinking is designed to help organizations keep critical path projects on schedule even while teams are working from home. Presented by Dan Flesher.

SAP Webinar: SAP Cloud Platform & SAP Transportation Management Use Case

Join us for a session to learn how companies are using mobile technology to enhance drivers’ user experience by improving access to better maps, reducing shipping, social distancing enablement and delivery wait times, and getting shipments where they need to be more quickly. Co-hosted SAP and Mindset Consulting,

Getting started with SAP iRPA: Utilizing Robots to do the Boring Stuff

Webinar recording on utilizing SAP intelligent Robotic Process Automation (iRPA) to automate those tasks that no one wants to do. Presented by Shefali Jain.

Using SAP’s Flexible Real Estate Module to meet 2020’s Commercial Real Estate Standards

If your organization runs SAP and manages Real Estate don’t miss this upcoming webinar recording covering an . overview of SAP’s RE/FX Module and a discussion of how organizations who have implemented (or are planning to implement) S/4 HANA use SAP to help manage their real estate contracts. Hosted by Shefali Jain.

Mindset Webinar: Implementing a Fiori UX in your S/4HANA Migration

For organizations who are planning to implement or augment S/4 HANA, this session outlines ways to make your SAP environment more impactful by focusing UX and human centered design as part of the transition to S/4 HANA. Hosted by Jon Bragg

Hands On Webinar: Cloud Platform, Portal Website and Fiori Application

Learn how to publish your own Fiori Launchpad Website using the SAP Cloud Platform Portal. We will create a Fiori Launchpad, deploy a SAP UI5 application and publish it to the Internet. Presented by Andy Prier.

A Crash Course in UX for SAP Developers

This session provides a crash course in user experience design, helping developers create easy-to-use apps. Presented by Dan Flesher.

Published Books

SAPUI5: The Comprehensive Guide (April 2020)

Your comprehensive guide to SAPUI5! From to , get the know-how to develop MVC apps, use OData, create data bindings, debug and test code, and deploy apps. Learn the dos and don’ts of SAPUI5 and everything in between, whether you’re implementing CRUD operations or writing your own controls. See what’s new with SAP Cloud Platform, SAPUI5 support assistant, and more. Your best apps are yet to come.

Practical Data Science with SAP Machine Learning Techniques for Enterprise Data

Are you using SAP ERP and eager to unlock the enormous value of its data? With this practical guide, SAP veterans Greg Foss and Mindset's Paul Modderman show you how to use several data analysis tools to solve interesting problems with your SAP data. Throughout the book, you’ll follow a fictional company as it tackles real scenarios. Available on Amazon.

SAPUI5 and SAP Fiori: The Psychology of UX Design

UX design is…complicated. A great user experience is every designer's goal. But how do you ensure that your UX is intuitive? The answer lies in psychology. In this E-Bite, you'll dive into the principles that shed light on how users visualize and process information, how memory works, and which cues are most likely to trigger responses. Then, learn how to apply these principles in SAPUI5. Great UX is all in your head!


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