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Industry Expertise

Where Expertise Meets Innovation

Over the last decade, Mindset has built up expertise in several industries.

Mindset looks into the trends and challenges our focus-industries face. We provide the bridge between the strategic capabilities required to overcome these challenges and the technological advancements that are available in the digital age.


Bringing you the Mindset of Smart Agriculture

Mindset has been working closely with leading agriculture firms for over a decade now and understands the challenges the industry faces on a daily basis. There is growing concern over climate change, food safety, sustainability, global supply chain, food safety, compliance and reporting amongst a host of others. Mindset’s team of experts who have been working closely in this sector for a considerable amount of time and is ideally equipped to help you overcome these challenges efficiently and effectively.

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Innovative and Sustainable Solutions for the Future

When you are operating in the utilities industry, technology plays an important role in risk management, smart digitization, with IoT, mobile sensors, as well as service personalizations which are an integral part of the business. New technologies allow you to offer customers a highly customized and competitive plan while enabling them to visualize their carbon footprint and allowing them the option to choose a low to no-carbon distribution network.

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Bringing you the Mindset of Smart Agriculture

Mindset’s suite of services specifically targeted towards the Manufacturing Industry helps design and deliver smart products that help differentiate between your digital capabilities and value-added services, digitize your supply chain operations, refine and streamline your operations amongst a host of other things. With a strong focus on innovation and a human-centered approach to solution building, Mindset delivers end-to-end services that enable personalized buying experiences for your customers and embed and integrate intelligence across the supply chain and manufacturing process.

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Innovation that provides both speed and transparency

Distributors today are focussed on changing business models arising out of experience management driven changes based on wider range of products arising out of personalization based manufacturing or asset controls as well as higher speed of execution.

Mindset will use our design and innovation approach to help our clients in the Distribution industry to identify areas of transformation whether it is global supply chain, higher transparency through tighter ability to track, trace and monitor or to help achieve integrity and capability to achieve a sustainable circular economy.

Through our innovation using SAP S/4HANA or SAP BTP or differentiating applications on your ERP using SAP, we will help you to differentiate yourself in building higher trust through transparency.

Featured Solution

By streamlining processes and making information appear at the tips of fingers, we help users to take actions very easily.

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Consumer Product and Goods

Meeting the new consumer every step of the way

Consumer products and goods companies are today looking at providing a consumer experience that leads to lifestyle outcomes. This results in a change in business model that focuses on consumer satisfaction achieved throughout the lifecycle of the products including 360 degrees ability to meet the consumer in the journey of usage of the products.

Mindset can help you design a responsive, secure experience for your consumer transforming your business from product innovation, manufacturing, supply chain, marketing, sales and services. Using our strengths in user experience, design and innovation platforms of SAP, we can help you to explore your areas that require consumer outcomes to be transformed and build applications that will help you achieve value quickly in your customer’s experience.


Meeting the new consumer every step of the way

Transportation industry focus has changed to finding new revenue sources, focussing on cost efficiencies and ensuring customer satisfaction. The industry is also dealing with the effects on the pandemic and the evolving balances in the supply chain as a result. New levels of connectivity combined with data capture and automation is expected to bring networks together with greater transparency.

Mindset, will help explore the opportunities that will help you address the global challenges in a sustainable manner. We will help you identify your key priorities and sharply focus to help achieve innovations in customer experience and operational efficiency using our strong design thinking methodology and expertise in mapping technological innovations to business outcomes.

Featured Solution

Expedite your processes by having a comprehensive outlook into the complete process before taking actions through a streamlined process.

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Higher Education

Process efficiency for better engagement in education and research

The world of business comes together with higher education institutes to provide the world with inspirations that move the world forward. Education skills need to be translated to job experiences and the higher education institutes strive to integrate the two. The academic research, the grants required for the research, student lifecycle and performance of the institutions help in engaging the students and businesses to bring the experience to the world.

Mindset works with institutions to provide a world class experience to all the educators, students and the businesses. We help to explore and discover where process efficiency together with transparency will bring in the best outcomes for the educators, students and the businesses. With our experience driven development and prebuilt applications, we will build the ability for transforming the engagement in education and research.


Better experiences through a better system

The healthcare industry is focussed on saving and improving lives with changing the patient outcomes. To do this, the patient and provider engagements with strong care delivery is extremely important.

Our vision at Mindset is to help healthcare companies improve the patient solutions that are delivered to enhance the patient experiences and outcome. We help the companies explore the areas of transformation across the lifecycle of a patient outcome value chain. From patient care to compliant manufacturing of caregiving tools to supply chain and logistics that help the companies provide the empathetic care, we help you to design innovative solutions to multiple the patient and caregiver experiences.

Featured Solution

Our customer ensured that service and repair personnel had a full history of service before taking an action.

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Financial Services

Giving customers the integrated, secure platforms they need.

The financial services industry increasingly focuses on reaching more customers and achieving new levels of trust. The risk control and financial insights the company provides to the customers ensure customer experience through new business models and services that increase the security of the customer.

Mindset helps our customers put their customer’s experience at the center of all financial solutions and processes that are put in place. We help our financial services customers to look 360 degrees into the engagements with their customers. With helping the customer understand the need for integrated processes, we use the new intelligent technologies and platform to build secure applications to digitally engage with the customers. We help customers identify the governance, risk and compliance needs, and build up financial operations that will help the company to provide improved customer satisfaction.

Featured Solution

Approvals based on transparency – take decision on invoice approvals based on complete visibility on the information.

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