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SAP Technical Expertise

Mindset offers a broad spectrum of SAP technical expertise and beyond. We pair the most exciting new solutions, including BTP, AI, EWM, and S/4HANA, with extreme usability, resulting in powerful and intuitive solutions.

We’re fast too! Our experts are well-versed in Scrum and other Agile methodologies. This ensures a rapid, communicative, and iterative approach to delivering projects with constant user engagement.

In addition to those detailed below, we have decades of experience managing and enabling ERP, BI, Mobile, and Cloud data to analytic experience and to help users make better business decisions.  We have deep expertise in the SAP suite of analytical tools ranging from ECC, BW, and BOBJ. BPC, Data Warehouse Cloud (DWC), Embedded Analytics, SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), UI5, BTP and Fiori.



Our focus on experience has led Mindset to be a pioneer in SAP’s BTP offerings, including technologies focused on intelligence, data and analytics, extension, and integration. BTP provides the platform for delivering remarkable user experience for business applications.

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Business AI

Mindset can help you plan, design, and deploy AI-enabled solutions empowering your business processes with power and flexibility. Our three powerful solutions can quickly help your organization to leverage the power of AI.

  • AI customized to your business processes
  • Leveraging SAP AI, trained on the industry’s broadest business datasets
  • AI built on leading ethics and data privacy standards
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For businesses targeting their next phase of growth, scaling up operations comes with its unique set of challenges. Choosing the correct digital solution can help businesses reduce inefficiencies and streamline cross-functional processes, both of which are crucial to prepare for this planned phase of growth.

With SAP S/4HANA, companies can measurably reduce inefficiencies due to legacy manual administrative processes and paper-trail-based workflows that companies never had a reliable digital alternative. The result is fewer errors and a faster time to completion resulting in accurate transactional data and reduced administrative overhead. Similarly, workflows that were traditionally performed manually can now be automated to include rules-based routing of transactions to the appropriate roles within the organization, enabling the digitization of the organization’s Levels of Approvals (LOA) policies.

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With our core design thinking principles, our UI/UX portfolio of services covers everything from UX Strategy to UX Design, delivering human-centric solutions that put the end-user at the core. We do this with the help of Fiori. Fiori provides the framework to simplify complex business processes, provide data-enhancing visualizations, and mobile-enable your entire team.

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In today’s high demand IT environments, using outdated methodologies, processes or practices restrain your organization’s ability to transform the user experience of technology in the enterprise. A DevOps-informed approach ensures your enterprise systems stay clean and robust while providing an industry-leading experience for your developers, enterprise technology team, users, and business stakeholders.

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Our technology expertise in Mindset includes a strong proficiency in ABAP. Our teams have utilized ABAP, SAP’s core development language, right classical ABAP to the latest S/4HANA and SAP BTP environment versions. Using the classical service builder, the ABAP Programming Model for Fiori, or the new RESTful ABAP Programming (RAP) Model in S/4HANA and SAP BTP , we are able to deliver experience-driven applications with OData services underlying a variety of front-end technologies including Fiori/UI5, Flutter, React, and native mobile. Our ABAP team is skilled at interpreting the design to develop innovative applications that lead to satisfied customers for our projects. 


Access and connectivity to Data, may it be through direct connectivity,  data pipelines, virtual streams or via Hyper-Converged infrastructures for accurate information is critical for all businesses. Mindset focuses on the overall user experience where we  enable key analytical capabilities to the appropriate business roles and personas within an organization. 

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“Today we received approvals to deploy the Fiori solution. I just want to extend my appreciation to your team. They have been absolutely amazing! Every single one went above and beyond. It was a great team effort and this last stretch showed how well the partnership between us and Mindset has evolved. Thank you so much for putting together a great team!”

Senior Manager IT, Fortune 50 Retailer

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