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Solutions Designed to Meet Today’s Challenges

The speed and adaptability necessary to drive today’s warehousing and supply chain operations has been unrelenting causing many organizations to explore new options.

For organizations utilizing the SAP platform, efficiency, flexibility, scalability and transparency are key considerations, which is why so many leverage Mindset. Mindset’s approach to warehousing and EWM is unique. Our solution is built using the strength of the SAP platform layered with an
exceptional user experience. The result is a solution that is both powerful and easy-to-use, which helps your team do more and deliver more faster.

Supply Chain

Mindset helps organizations implement and optimize supply chain solutions

Nothing is more important than a supply chain that runs smoothly.  Mindset specializes in supply chain implementations and optimization.  Whether you’re looking for guidance in choosing your SAP S/4Hana deployment methodology or looking for accelerators that can instantly impact your warehousing analytics, we’ve got the expertise you’re looking for.

The Mindset Warehousing and EWM Platform 

Mindset’s warehouse and supply chain offerings leverage the strengths of SAP. Our services span the spectrum from helping organizations find exceptional people, to offering end-to-end implementations and everything in between. Mindset’s WMS offerings encompass four primary areas:

MINDSET’s Supply Chain and Warehousing OFFERINGS

Services, Accelerators, Experts

Strategic Advisory Services
: Out of the box, SAP EWM incorporates core LE-WM functionality plus more advanced and robust features that support complex warehouse processes such as wave picking, slotting & rearrangement, kitting and value-added services. But with more features comes more complexity, and for many SAP customers implementing EWM can prove to be a daunting endeavor. In some cases these challenges can act as a roadblock to migrating to S/4HANA. We can help. At Mindset we understand that the cornerstone to a successful EWM
implementation starts with the discovery and preparation phase.

S/4HANA EWM Proof-of-Concept:If your organization is considering implementing EWM in S/4HANA, but you are not quite sure if it’s the right solution or worth the time, money and effort to implement, start with a proof-ofconcept (POC) or pilot project instead S/4 is an investment in time and money. Mindset can offer you a glimpse of the future with an EWM POC in a mere 8-10 weeks at a fraction of the cost. An EWM POC provides a low-risk option for demonstrating EWM capabilities and valuable insights for evaluating EWM fit. It also offers a way to introduce new processes or functionalities in advance. Your team will be able to visualize the solution and understand its impacts before you get started, ensuring useability, adoption and buy-in before the project even begins. In addition, an EWM POCcan be the foundation for planning a full EWM implementation.

System Implementation:  Mindset is an industry leader in SAP implementations. Why? It starts with Mindset’s deep expertise and experience in the supply chain, warehouse and logistics space. Next are our proven processes in implementing SAP WM and EWM and lastly Mindset’s Agile-based methodology to design, develop and deploy. Mindset’s EWM implementation services. Reach out to learn more.

Demand Driven Development: High quality outcomes originate with an inclusive and established process. All Mindset’s Customer Product Development projects begin with our comprehensive Design Service offerings. This suite of solutions, including Mindset’s acclaimed Design Thinking process, offers a proven process that brings together an array of facts, perspectives and variables to develop a plan that is comprehensive and insightful. From there Mindset moves into our Agile Development phase which is focused on the iterative development of working software at a predictable cadence. Finally the Solution is delivered as part of Mindset’s 360° Deployment Process which combines code handover with user training and adoption to ensure remarkable results. Mindset’s Customer Product Development engagements can be entirely completed in a remote capacity and our services include:
• Design Thinking – Facilitate design thinking workshops to gain insights into the client’s business processes, rapidly ideate on potential solutions, and deliver a final prototype and project backlog.
• RF Mobility – Help clients extend S/4HANA functionality onto mobile RF devices, mobile hardware and supply chain mobile apps.
• Fiori App Development – Design, develop and deliver delightful, modern and humancentered apps using SAP Fiori design language.
• Custom Development – Help clients expose and enhance SAP functionality, interface and API development, etc. to unleash the full potential of S/4HANA.

Read more about Mindset’s services.

Additional services to support your Supply Chain


Mindset can help you build or augment your SAP Team

Mindset is a global leader in delivering exceptional SAP design, development, and digital transformation. For organizations who would like to augment their team, Mindset offers best-in-class SAP expertise across the SAP ecosystem. We’ve matched thousands of projects with world-class consultants. Let us help you build the right team to meet your goals.

Contact us for more details


Delivering Exceptional Outcomes Faster

With more than a decade of experience making SAP beautiful, Mindset has the tools and the processes to help you make your next strategic leaps faster then you can imagine including our.App Library and SAP Software.

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