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Case Study: Media

Multinational Media Corporation

Applying Design Thinking to Improve Invoice Management

As the existing vendor invoice management system lacked vital information, invoices were inaccurately approved, leading to potential fraud, duplicates, and incorrect payments. Mindset was asked to design a solution that would consolidate all relevant information and enhance efficiency of the system. The Mindset team leveraged the Design Thinking process to document insights from users, businesses, and IT, including on-site visits to observe end-users in their environments. They created low and high-resolution prototypes representing potential solutions and used an iterative approach to build the final solution. After numerous adjustments and improvements, the team delivered a simpler and more user-friendly invoice management system.

Mindset leveraged Design Thinking to create an invoice management system that addressed user needs and optimized efficiency.

user adoption
time for invoice processing
effort, delays, and costs

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