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Case Study: Manufacturing

Large Wire and Cable Manufacturer

Designing a Simple, Clear Data Entry Process

The client was using a combination of paper forms, Excel files, and emails for managing asset information. This led to inefficiencies, production interruptions, downtime, and the loss of information. Mindset was engaged to create a company-wide solution that would centralize asset information and provide enhanced, real-time visibility to asset tracking.

Using SAP technology, the team built a paperless software solution which contained all information regarding the asset, including entry/exit processes, real-time notifications to workflow participants, and tracking updates. Users found the prototype simpler, clearer, and easier to use than their legacy system.

SUS score
step-by-step experience

“It’s clearer. It’s easier than ordering from Amazon.” – User

“It’s simpler… we can see anything we want to see without having to have multiple windows open…we can see everything from one screen.” – User

“(It) provides an easier step-by-step experience to go from one (task) to the other.” – User

“The bulk of what we’re trying to accomplish has been accomplished.”  User

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