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Case Study: Consumer Packaged Goods

Leading Producer of Consumer Foods

Reducing Customer Confusion with a Clear, Straightforward System

Every time a minor change was made to a sales order, the client’s system sent them a confusing, automated outbound email. Customers would then reach out to the client for clarification, resulting in unnecessary time spent resolving the confusion.

Mindset was asked to improve the accuracy, robustness, and timing of these system-generated emails. Using Design Thinking, Mindset collaborated with the client to create a clear, straightforward process that improved both the quality and clarity of the emails. The new system received high marks for usability.

Clients now receive clear alerts about their sales orders, and can quickly interpret next steps.

System Usability Score
time saved

“I can’t believe we haven’t had something like this until now.” – Client Customer Ops Specialist

“Simple, not overwhelming, easy to navigate.” – Client Customer Ops Specialist

“It’s very clear, straightforward, and I like it.” – Client Customer Ops Specialist

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