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Case Study: Agriculture

Global Agricultural Leader

Building Capabilities for Android and iOS

The client sought to improve efficiency and access to information and processes, such as managing work orders, notifications, and timesheets. To do so, they engaged Mindset to enhance the online and offline capabilities of mobile applications (Android & iOS) and implement a Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) process to improve speed and quality. The Mindset team leveraged React Native Technology and integrated it with the client’s SAP Gateway system, and then structured the client’s SAP projects to make better use of multiple projects under one team. With rapid prototyping, Mindset brought the codes and concepts under the CI/CD formula, enabling live interactions. After applying the most popular suggestions from ideation and scrum sprints, Mindset delivered a CI/CD Dev App Store that improved system efficiency, speed, and quality.

The Mindset team leveraged React Native Technology integrated with SAP Gateway to deliver a CI/CD Dev App Store that greatly improved the online and offline experience for end users.

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