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Case Study: Agriculture

International Agricultural Corporation

Enhancing Sales Pitch Performance with a Nutritional Assessment App

To demonstrate the superiority of their branded horse feed, the client wanted innovative and objective methods to show the nutritional impact on a horse’s muscle composition and strength. Mindset assessed the challenge by studying in-depth personas of the horses and stable hands, followed by ideation of how diet patterns could be brought to light. After conducting user studies in SAP Build, and then gathering statistics for 1.2 million horses, the team standardized elements to create the application. We developed a high-resolution design to be used in both the functional and technical build of the solution. As a result, the client’s sales team doubled the average use of topline-scan tools to demonstrate the credibility and superiority of their product and services.

Design Thinking and in-depth persona assessment led to a solution that allowed users to navigate by Farms, Horses, and Dealers.

2x increase
in use of topline scans for sales pitches

in recording compliance requests

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