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Interested in learning more about what Mindset has to offer? From webinar recordings to our library of published books on SAP, the Mindset resource section is intended to help illustrate the potential of your SAP system.

Unlock the Cost Efficiency for Enterprises with the SAP Business Technology Platform

June 1, 2023

SAP’s BTP (Business Technology Platform) continues to generate a lot of momentum. Key to its popularity is BTP's ability to…

The Importance of Transitioning from ECC to S/4HANA: A Technical Perspective

June 1, 2023

As technology evolves, businesses must keep pace with the latest innovations to remain competitive. One such innovation is SAP S/4HANA,…

How I Passed the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam On the First Try With No AWS Experience

May 24, 2023

Are you interested in becoming an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner but worried about your lack of experience with AWS? Don't…

Press Release: Announcing the winners of the 2023 EXperts Awards

May 22, 2023

Announcing the winners of the 2023 EXperts Awards  CNHI, Ecolab, Entegris, and Xcel Energy are recognized for Solutions that advance…

Evolution: Workflow Management, SAP iRPA, and SAP BPA

May 5, 2023

Working with SAP services, have you ever wondered what’s the deal with the new “SAP BPA”? How is it different…

Cross Application Navigation

April 17, 2023

What is Cross Application Navigation? Cross Application Navigation is to navigate between different applications in the Fiori Launchpad without coming…

How to Connect a Slack Channel to the SAP Integration Suite Using the SAP Open Connector

April 17, 2023

1. The SAP Integration Suite SAP’s Integration Suite is a comprehensive Hybrid Integration Platform for the enterprise that covers both…

Spaces and Pages in Fiori

April 17, 2023

Hello everyone! in this blog, I will discuss a new concept in SAP Fiori that replaces Catalog and groups. This…

Evolution of Frontend from HTML to React

April 17, 2023

In this blog, I will show how frontend technologies evolved slowly over a decade. I will tell you the story…

SAP Stock Room or EWM. Which is the Better Option?

March 27, 2023

Before we discuss SAP Stock Room, it's essential to understand why it is more important than Warehouse Management (WM).  WM…

Introducing the Fab Four Associate Developers!

March 27, 2023

Hello! Today, we would like to introduce ourselves - we are a particular subset of the Mindset development team, The…

SAP Job Market

SAP Job Market for Beginners in India 2023

March 16, 2023

India is SAP's fastest-growing country in the world. In 2023, SAP will become carbon-neutral. SAP is a business management software…

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