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DO WHILE You Like It

Here's a deep cut for ABAPers who are also Shakespeare fans. In a recent project chat room, we veered slightly off course into fun topics. One thing led to another...and we found ourselves re-writing Jaques' famous soliloquy from As You Like…

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Gooey Sounds

In times of danger, we reach for what’s safe. In times of uncertainty, we hold on to the familiar. We look for ways to know that the universe, in its inexorable march to entropic disorder, can still provide a safe…

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Ideas That Didn’t Make The Cut

"If you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original." Ken Robinson, The Element At Mindset, we've established an unparalleled track record of extraordinary innovation. Try SAP GUI for Robots, SAP GUI for Tesla Model 3, or SAP GUI…

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