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Focus, Space, Creativity: The Mindset Design Lab Recipe

In the Mindset Design Lab kitchen (sometimes known as Gopher Works), we strive tirelessly with our SAP customers to create the perfect business solution recipe. Some of our best dishes have the rich, hearty flavor of S/4HANA, others have a creamy Cloud Platform sauce, and still others take on an airy sweetness with machine learning and AI. Our customers take these dishes back to their business, and voila! Instant satisfaction.

(You’ll notice the first three letters of “appetite” are clearly ripe for pun-ification, but let future hyper-intelligent lizard archaeologists note that I did not stoop to such a pedestrian level.)

No matter which dish pleases our customers’ palates most, we find ourselves coming back to three key ingredients for recipe success: focus, space, and creativity. Focus gives us the powerful, tightly attuned attention to stay immersed deep inside their business problems. Space gives us a physical environment to be away from everything and keep the outside world at bay while we collaborate. Creativity is that extra seasoning that makes it all happen; the freedom to try new things, to look at the problem from a new angle, and the power to experiment quickly.

It’s why we created the Mindset Design Lab. To be a space where all three ingredients can be liberally applied to anything. With them, we’ve crafted three courses especially for our customers.


Experience an otherworldly atmosphere. We meticulously prepare the Mindset Design Lab for your company leaders to escape and create. Start the morning with a fresh-baked creativity exercise, devised from an in-house recipe to keep inspiration vivid throughout the day. In the afternoon, an energy-boosting appetizer activity lifts spirits and revitalizes business discussions.

Use the Design Lab for your corporate leadership team to hide away and bear down on your strategic plans. AppHaus Meister Paul Modderman (yours truly) delivers two separate quick exercises that the group can use to stay fresh and creative.


A day-long tasting menu fit for the gods. Start with an understanding compote crafted with sweet point-of-view syrup, resting on a crunchy prototype bed. Cruelty-free technical architects and designers prepare a zesty blend of creativity drizzled with Javascript, served with pan-seared working ABAP code. Wild-caught ideas are prepared tableside, where chefs work together with you to produce delicious, unique, and working technical prototype solutions.

Use the Design Lab with Mindset technical wizards to craft small-scale, one or two day prototypes. Try out new approaches. This especially fits groups that need to expand into new SAP technology areas but don’t have in-house staff with the requisite skills.


A week-long six-course feast meticulously fashioned to satisfy. UX architects guide the 100% farm-to-table experience, kneading our in-house design dough to understand its complex whole grain character. The Architect de Cuisine personally hand-makes a point of view teased out from business processes. Designers pan-sear empathy-infused ideas to savory perfection, and a seasonal testing phase brings a luscious end to the feast. Served with a buttery, pixel-perfect high resolution prototype and a crisp, fresh, and delightful agile story plan.

This is a week-long Design Thinking workshop. Be prepared for amazing things to happen.


Are you ready for a taste? Contact us. Drop in for a visit. Email us a crazy idea you’ve always wanted to try with your SAP systems, and we’ll put on our SAP chef hats and get cooking.


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Paul Modderman loves creating things and sharing them. He has spoken at SAP TechEd, multiple ASUG regional events, ASUG Fall Focus, Google DevFest MN, Google ISV Days, and several webinars and SAP community gatherings. Paul's writing has been featured in SAP Professional Journal, on the SAPinsider blog, and the popular Mindset blog. He believes clear communication is just as important as code, but also has serious developer chops. His tech career has spanned web applications with technologies like .NET, Java, Python, and React to SAP soutions in ABAP, OData and SAPUI5. His work integrating Google, Fiori, and Android was featured at SAP SAPPHIRE. Paul was principal technical architect on Mindset's certified solutions CloudSimple and Analytics for BW. He's an SAP Developer Hero, honored in 2017. Paul is the author of two books: Mindset Perspectives: SAP Development Tips, Tricks, and Projects, and SAPUI5 and SAP Fiori: The Psychology of UX Design. His passion for innovative application architecture and tech evangelism shines through in everything he does.

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