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Gooey Sounds

In times of danger, we reach for what’s safe. In times of uncertainty, we hold on to the familiar. We look for ways to know that the universe, in its inexorable march to entropic disorder, can still provide a safe space for us to find comfort in the things we hold most dear. 

At the Mindset Gavin P. Quinn Pre-Memorial Research & Development Center And Surplus Office Supply Closet/Phone Booth, we deeply understand this. We know that as COVID-19 spreads, SAP users around the world ache for the dulcet tones of their SAP GUI. But some unlucky users have fully transitioned to a Fiori experience, and have thus lost touch with that simple set of sounds.

(We understand that some Philistines want to turn off these sounds. If you are among them – no judgment except that you are aesthetically impaired – watch here to see how to turn them off.)

We got straight to work recreating the SAP GUI sonic experience in Fiori, and we are so excited to share this with you today. Proudly presenting GUI Sounds: Classic(™) for SAP Fiori. Watch:

We know that Fiori is such a revolutionary user experience shift that we couldn’t stand not re-imagining some other soundscapes. So alongside GUI Sounds: Classic(™) we are releasing GUI Sounds: Mindset(™) and GUI Sounds: Fiori for Kids(™). 

Try it out for yourself today. And prepare for your ears to melt straight off your head! For an unlimited time only, readers of the Mindset blog can access the source code free.

The base SAPUI5 application for our demo was built straight from source code available in Paul Modderman’s new soon-to-be-classic SAPUI5: The Comprehensive Guide (2nd Edition). Get it now! Find something to save your sanity while you wait out the coronavirus!

For a limited time you can get 15% off the book! Just use code MINDSET15 at checkout when you order a hundred copies for you and all your friends. 

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