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How to write good code

Blog Explainer

I love xkcd. It's a MWF dose of nerd crack. So for Christmas my wife gave me a copy of Thing Explainer, by xkcd's author. This creative book simplifies complex ideas using only the thousand most common English words. So…

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Gopher Works

I'm an airplane nerd. Not quite to the level of some, but I definitely crane my neck to look at what's overhead. Put it this way: it's safer to let someone else drive you past the airport. My disappointment at…

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Create New Flavor UX

UX Persona-fied

I know, I know - the title of this post is mediocre at best. Give me a break. I had trouble sleeping last night and this is what my brain produced. At Mindset, we're big fans of Fiori. As ERP…

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