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Leonardo Learnin’

At Mindset, we’ve written, spoken, and built on Leonardo all over the place. Want some machine learning? Done and done. A little mobile action? Boom. Some IoT? Yeah, we’ve got that – even before it was called Leonardo.

We’re so far ahead of the curve that it’s just flat in all directions! Or maybe that’s just the geographic situation in the Twin Cities.

Nevertheless, being awesome isn’t a place you just arrive at and think about how great you are. It’s something you have to constantly maintain. So this week we’ll be at Leonardo Power Week with some other SAP partners in Miami. It promises to be an exciting few days of learning, experimenting, and networking with other like-minded innovators.

Here are three things I’m looking to get out of the week:

Leonardo: Defined

With Leonardo it feels like the early days of HANA, when you were never quite sure if you were talking about an RDBMS for transactional systems, an analytical column-store engine, a cloud platform (SAP Cloud Platform – formerly known as HANA Cloud Platform), or all manner of other things. It was such a big deal to SAP that it took a while to tell the story.

Leonardo seems to be in that place now. When you say “Leonardo”, are you talking about an innovation platform? Are you talking about an IoT PaaS? Are you talking about machine learning enablement? Yes, yes, and yes. But you’re also sort of talking sort about blockchain, big data, and design thinking. I’m drawn to the same conclusion: it’s such a big deal to SAP that it’s taking a while to tell the story. I’ll report back here when I get that story.

I am 94% sure it’s not a ninja turtle, though I think it’d be almost as cool if it were.

MQTT/Gateway Cloud/Edge

I’ve done tons of weirdo things with on-premise SAP Gateway and IoT devices, and they were all hacks hacked together by a hacky hacker. So getting to see Leonardo’s full suite of IoT enablement harmonized together will fill in a lot of blanks for me.

I even brought a couple of AWS IoT Buttons with me to try out. If the setup supports it, I’ll plug them into my trial Leonardo setup and report back any cool findings.

Machine Learning Level-Up

There’s lots out there on trying out the delivered Leonardo ML RESTful APIs. They’re cool, and even a bit handy. But the real power of machine learning comes from applying it to your own data, and tweaking your own models to discover what your business scenario has been trying to tell you for years. There are a lot of scenarios where knowing whether there’s a dog in a picture or what language a body of text is in just isn’t enough to drive to value. So I’ll report back on the retrainable ML services, and capabilities for bringing your own model to the game.

Ready. Set. Code.

I’m excited to get going. It’s great that SAP is bringing partners to the table to help us up our knowledge game.


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Paul Modderman loves creating things and sharing them. He has spoken at SAP TechEd, multiple ASUG regional events, ASUG Fall Focus, Google DevFest MN, Google ISV Days, and several webinars and SAP community gatherings. Paul's writing has been featured in SAP Professional Journal, on the SAPinsider blog, and the popular Mindset blog. He believes clear communication is just as important as code, but also has serious developer chops. His tech career has spanned web applications with technologies like .NET, Java, Python, and React to SAP soutions in ABAP, OData and SAPUI5. His work integrating Google, Fiori, and Android was featured at SAP SAPPHIRE. Paul was principal technical architect on Mindset's certified solutions CloudSimple and Analytics for BW. He's an SAP Developer Hero, honored in 2017. Paul is the author of two books: Mindset Perspectives: SAP Development Tips, Tricks, and Projects, and SAPUI5 and SAP Fiori: The Psychology of UX Design. His passion for innovative application architecture and tech evangelism shines through in everything he does.

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