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My Side Hustle as Mindset’s SAP Apphaus Manager

As Jane Austen wrote over two hundred years ago, it’s a truth universally acknowledged that an individual in possession of a job at a technology company must be in want of a second one.

That said, when our highly competent office manager, Krista Roller (please come back), left on maternity leave a couple months ago I was a little nervous about covering the Apphaus hosting duties for the few months that she would be away. For starters the coffee pot is huge, I had no idea you could make gallons of coffee at once. And don’t even get me started on the liquor and grocery orders. Only in the Apphaus will you see a run on Jack Links Beef sticks and Vegan grilled vegetables at the same event.

That said, once I got past my initial shock at being in charge of the care and feeding of hundreds of people, I discovered that there are a few magical things about the Apphaus that may not be obvious to the casual observer:

  • The SAP Apphaus is a really Cool Gathering place. Emphasis on Gathering Place: When organizations come into the Apphaus for Design Thinking sessions often times there are a broad array of coworkers that may work for the same company but who have never met. Then there are the others who know each other but are so busy in their day-to day roles they rarely get a chance to connect to solve big issues. Getting to be a part of those introductions or re-connections is always fun. No matter how technical the world has become, it’s still ALL about the people.
  • Everyone loves validated parking. Even if your company is going to pay for it otherwise: I think it’s something about a single slip of paper that does not require the removal of a credit card from your wallet, it’s like sorcery in that respect. Stand back! If any conflict is going to take place, its over who gets to do the electronic check-in first.
  • People are ALWAYS happy to arrive at the Apphaus. Even at 7am, in the dark, in a snowstorm. And the vibe in the room is this fun combination of expectation, excitement, maybe some slight nervousness. People know something awesome is going to happen and they are going to be a part of it.
  • It’s not just at home, Kitchen’s are the most popular place world: Mindset’s Apphaus is huge. However, the galley kitchen is what really lures them in. Crowds of 5, 10, 25 no matter the meeting or people’s otherwise need for “space”. At some point everyone will be in the kitchen, all at the same time, happily.
  • Leaving is just the beginning of something great: It’s always amazing to me how, at the end of a long day people linger excitedly over their plans for the next steps. Even if a mountain of work is ahead it’s met with enthusiasm and excited visions of the future. Every day at work should be like that.

SAP made this cool YouTube video showing the Mindset Minneapolis Apphaus which you can check out HERE.

Or why not book your session in here? There is still a month or so before Krista returns. I am happy to report that I am now expert-level at making coffee in the urn.




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