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DevOps Maturity

When we speak about DevOps, there is still a lot of confusion about what we mean, and rightfully so. DevOps is a confused concept. An approach that I and others have found helpful for approaching and understanding DevOps is the…

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Cloud Roundtable

Mindset Cloud Roundtable Recap

On Friday January 22nd, we hosted our first Mindset Cloud Roundtable. After a series of successful DevOps-focused roundtable discussions, the Cloud topic was the next most demanded topic among our participants, so Cloud we discussed! We don’t record our roundtable…

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Cycles in DevOps

If DevOps cycles are something you work on or are interested in, join the discussion on this topic by signing up for Mindset’s DevOps Roundtable on Thursday December 3rd.  In the world of DevOps, cycle-time is the way we work…

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Virtual DevOps Day: Focus on Testing

On April 24th Mindset will be hosting our 2nd DevOps Roundtable, with a focus on testing. Our first roundtable featured 2 brief presentations from Mindset experts interspersed between excellent discussions among more than 20 participants representing 11 major SAP implementation…

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Mindset Remote Development

Recently, many in the SAP development community has transitioned to remote work at a scale we’ve never seen before. At Mindset, we’ve experienced this change along with most of our customers, and have grappled with the question of how we…

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