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Accelerate your Journey to SAP End User Employee Experience Delight

Mindset’s Product Strategy & Transformation Process

Mindset’s been in the business of making SAP end users’ lives better at work for more than a decade.  Over those years, we’ve tested different methods of delivering, different ways of operating, and different technologies to deliver that step change for your employees to be happy with the tools they use day in and day out.  The biggest thing of all though, is bundling all of those learnings together into a tried and true approach to transformation delivery in the SAP space.  So in this blog, I’m going to explain and write about where Mindset’s strategy and focus meets passion for the end user in all aspects of an SAP transformation journey.  

To put it into simple, fun, and perhaps even techy pseudo code equation form, think of what Mindset does as this: 

Employee Pain + Gathering Feedback + Good Design + Innovation = Delightful Experiences and Employee Happiness!!

Seems pretty simple, right?

But remember back to projects you’ve been on in your past.  Have they included each one of these things in delivering?  My guess is no.  My guess is there’s a timeline, there’s a budget, and there’s some resources.  When the going gets tough, a few of those things get cut. (reporting always seems to go first!) 

I’m here to tell you – don’t do that!  :) 

With Mindset’s Methodology, Approach, and Accelerators, you don’t have to cut corners.

Mindset is able to meet you wherever you are in your transformation journey.  For a little more detail about what’s involved in each of these steps, check out this area of our website:

What does this journey look like at a high level?

Here’s a step by step example of how we help customers transform:

Step 1:  Listen to employees!  

See where they’re struggling.  Use Accelerator tools to see where there are process gaps and match those to employee feedback.  

Step 2:  Company Drivers & Differentiators.  

What makes you special, where do you differentiate?  What are your OKR’s/goals you’re trying to achieve?

Step 3:  Scope & Plan  

What is it you’re doing?  S/4 implementation, UX improvements, Innovation, etc. This phase is all about matching Steps 1 & 2 into an action plan of what gives our end users the best experience for the buck.  

Step 4:  What is “standard” anyway?  

Use our S/4UX Accelerators to match you to standard SAP Fiori applications and see where it works and where it doesn’t for your business.

Step 5:  Perform Design Thinking Workshops on areas of differentiation.  

Where SAP doesn’t work, let’s ideate and design the perfect employee experience for that user group/persona.  Chances are, we have an accelerator already defined for you in this area.  We’ve seen a lot of common pain points over our years.

Step 6:  Agile Delivery.  

You want to transform at speed. Why wait to go-live all at once when business users have already been waiting years for improvements?  Agile development, dev-ops, and delivery methods to deliver fast.

Step 7:  Measure & Focus.  

Measure the results based on the goals/KPIs/OKR’s in step 2.  Focus on areas of greatest need and impact to those measurements.  Use our Fiori App Analyzer toolset to measure the usage of the tools you’ve put in front of the users.  Learn more about that tool here on the SAP Store:

Step 8:  Innovate with continuous improvements!  

Based on starting the process all over again.  It’s a cycle that always starts with feedback from the people that matter, your users!

In the next blog of this series, I’ll describe each of these steps in detail and go into our areas of acceleration to help you throughout your transformation journey in SAP.  

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As VP of Products at Mindset Consulting, Jon focuses on how organizations can quickly and easily maximize their SAP investments for improved results and happier employee, customer, and user experiences. A known industry thought he is a highly sought-after industry speaker and resource.

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