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Case Study: Manufacturing

Leading Chemical Manufacturing Company

Building an Improved, Scalable Inventory Management Application

Due to older versions of ECC and SAP UI5, the client’s inventory management process required manual entry and validation, in two different systems, which was tedious and prone to human error. Mindset was asked to create a solution that would streamline and integrate this process. The team first immersed themselves in the versions of SAP that were in use by the client (SAP ECC and SAP UI5 v.1.53), developed the application using Cloud WebIDE, and customized features to add standard controls. During this process, the Mindset team discovered an additional challenge: the client’s WebIDE license would soon expire. All project files were quickly transferred to the local WebIDE system, still allowing successful testing and on-time deployment to the client system. Mindset and the client were able to launch an improved, portable, and device-agnostic inventory management application that can be used by all stakeholders across the organization.

The Mindset team combined multiple manual processes and legacy systems into one integrated inventory management application.

potential for human error
manual entry processes

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