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Sapphire 2021: Where’s the UX?

In 1984, Clara Peller famously asked television viewers “Where’s the beef?” After attending Sapphire in 2021, I find myself asking “Where’s the UX?” Using Sapphire’s session-filtering tool, it’s possible to find all of those tagged under “User Experience” and you’ll…

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Alex Grinyayev

Welcome Alex Grinyayev

Mindset is excited to welcome Alex Grinyayev to our growing design team. Alex will work with clients as a Senior UX Designer, leading design workshops and creating engaging experiences for our end users. Alex brings over 20 years of user…

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Low-Code Platforms

Low-Code Platforms and the Laws of UX

Recently, there’s been a lot of conversations and questions about the various low or no-code platforms, and how they might possess the ability to transform the way we design and build SAP applications. It’s easy to see the appeal of…

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