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Automating SAP Billing: Output condition record and recipient email maintenance

In the SAP world of Fiori applications, improving the user experience by automating monotonous tasks is one of the important goals while developing custom applications. For large organizations where there is frequent maintenance of master data, performing routine functional configurations using SAP GUI transactions for every data maintenance process can become a tedious task. Providing an option to input the details that create the configuration in the backend adds significant value to the application.

While developing the Fiori application for maintaining all the business partner master data, there was a requirement to automate an important configuration to maintain the condition record for Billing, which is normally done using transactions- VV31/ VV32- Create/ change Output: Billing (find steps for standard transaction here- Steps to create Condition record with recipient email- VV31). Instead of accessing these transactions and maintaining the recipient’s email for business partners, providing the option to directly create/ change the recipient’s email that replicates the same steps of the SAP transaction reduces the user’s manual efforts and improves user experience. No direct API/ function module is available in the system to achieve this functionality. BDC could be an option, but it is not the best approach, 

By searching for suitable function modules and classes, I figured out a way to accomplish this task step by step. I developed a custom class to create/update condition records for the billing application with the recipient email. This approach allowed us to automate the process using custom code to execute the configuration steps through a series of function modules and classes, resulting in a clean code solution.

I am providing the custom code developed to perform configuration maintenance programmatically in the backend so that anyone with a similar requirement can utilize this code. An executable report is developed to input the business partner number, output type, recipient email, etc., so that it can be directly imported and tested.

The GitHub link below contains the development objects required to achieve this functionality:

Billing- Output condition- recipient email maintenance


Custom applications with end-to-end features and automating additional manual tasks like functional configurations boost the application’s usefulness with single point application for all the tasks. Providing options for backend configuration reduces reliance on manual SAP GUI transactions, streamlining processes and improving efficiency. Even though no direct standard API is available for the intended functionality, sharing the custom solution derived by investing time and effort will be helpful to other developers with similar requirements. 



Pooja is a software developer at Mindset with over six years of experience in SAP ABAP development. Her expertise includes ABAP for HANA, OData, and RICEFW developments. She has worked as an ABAP consultant for multiple SAP functional modules like MM, QM, IMWM, EWM, SD, FICO, O2C, ATTP, and PaPM to deliver the most efficient applications and enhancements.
In her spare time, Pooja enjoys dancing, traveling and reading books.

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