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RPA for SAP: Follow up with Webinar Recording

Recently, I did a webinar on RoboticProcess Automation, or RPA. RPA is the use of specialized computer programs, known as software robots, to automate and standardize repeatable business processes. Now, before you assume that RPA technologies look like Wall-E or R2-D2, know that these robots exist solely in your computer.  

Imagine a robot sitting in front of a computer looking at the same applications and performing the same keystrokes as a person would. For example, think of the process it takes to open a new document in Microsoft Word. First, you have to find the application, start it, then click on “Create new”. You can automate those three steps using RPA. This saves you valuable time. In that example, you may save a couple of seconds. However, RPA can be utilized for even more impressive feats, especially for those who do tedious tasks for work frequently.  

You can use RPA to automatically benefit anyone in terms of completing daily technical tasks.  You can be a dev, an architect, a dev-ops practitioner, an agile practitioner, a manual tester, or even a college student. The only prerequisite is to have curiosity about RPA. And, to have curiosity about what robots can do for you. This webinar saw the likes of some large companies – RPA is absolutely an excellent solution for employees!

It is very user- and cost-friendly. RPA products like UiPath or SAP’s Contextor help bridge the gap between non-technical users and programmers. Among it being easy to use and learn, RPA bots are also very accurate. They allow for less room for error than a human would. Another benefit includes that while humans can’t work tirelessly, bots can! They can do tasks 24/7. Implementing bots shouldn’t change any other system you have in place. Therefore, it won’t be too big of a change. Further, employees will love it! They will have more time to focus on things that matter to them rather than wasting time doing tedious tasks. 

To learn more about what RPA can do for you, what challenges you may come across and how to combat them, and view some examples of bots in action, check out Mindset’s webinar on SAP iRPA HERE!


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Shefali Jain has worked with SAP for two years since graduating from the University of Minnesota (Go Gophs!). She began her career in SAP as an intern for Mindset and transitioned into consulting where she has assisted clients with their SAP training journey. After work you can find her checking out a new brewery or exploring the Twin Cities!

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