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Is Your Team Ready for the Challenges of 2021?

Business Transformation. Optimized Customer Experience. Automation. Security. These have been the top business trends of which discussions on what we can predict for 2021 revolve. As the world, hopefully, shifts to a post-pandemic landscape, these buzzwords will need to become…

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Employee Wellness

The Importance of Employee Wellness Programs

Pre-pandemic, employee wellness programs were likely a hot topic turned buzzword to attract new talent and boost internal morale at your organization. Now, 6 months into our new work-from-home lifestyle amid a global health crisis, these programs should take even…

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Contingent Labor in the Age of Coronavirus

Due to the unknown and often hailed ‘unprecedented’ COVID-19 outbreak, organizations across the world are learning how to adjust and adapt to its many implications. The many effects of Coronavirus can create the perfect opportunity for increased use of contingent…

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Let’s Get Digital

What is a digital transformation? Does your organization need a digital transformation? How can I, as a practitioner, influence my management team to take this type of transformation on? What is a digital transformation? Although the term may sound a…

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Let’s Connect!

In a world that’s more connected than ever, it’s crucial to keep your best foot forward via your digital professional presence. Contrary to popular belief, maintaining your LinkedIn profile and network is not just important when seeking a new opportunity,…

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