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Authentication in React Apps

React.Js is a single-page dynamic web application with many small and reusable components. It enriches developers to be more flexible because it has an extensive JSX library and other valuable libraries. Since it is a single-page application, it is cumbersome…

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SAP Fiori

Horizon: The New SAP Fiori Theme

SAP’s continuous innovation has developed a new Fiori theme called Horizon. This theme transforms design and development ideas. Further, it helps people get their work done faster and in an efficient way with better results. Additionally, it enables SAP and…

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The Value of a Good Job Story

As I work increasingly in an Agile environment, using the Scrum methodology to deliver working software, I realize how important the role of a Product Owner is. A dedicated product owner. I recently took the Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)…

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When CAI and iRPA Create Magic

When Charles Babbage invented the first mechanical computer, little did he know that computers would be running the world one day or that Multinational conglomerates would rely on Enterprise software to conduct their businesses. Taking this journey one step further,…

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S/4HANA Cloud

Interview With Mindset’s Deepika Parmar & Poonam Nikat on their key takeaways from a session with SAP’s Bert Oliver Schulze and his insights on the S/4HANA Cloud Transformation Journey

SAP recently celebrated its 50th anniversary and, over the last five decades, has been setting new benchmarks for operational excellence. At the core of this innovation journey, today is SAP S/4HANA Cloud transformation.  Bert Oliver Schulze, VP, SAP & responsible…

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