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What is a digital transformation? Does your organization need a digital transformation? How can I, as a practitioner, influence my management team to take this type of transformation on?

What is a digital transformation?

Although the term may sound a bit like a drive-thru makeover service, digital transformations can apply to any and all efforts of rethinking traditional business models, processes, operations, and user experiences. This can involve the use of new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence to automate tasks. Additionally, it could include investing in real-time business tools to be better empowered for critical decisions with up-to-the-minute information.

Along with the use of new tools and technologies, a digital transformation is a dramatic shift in your business’ culture. It is a shift to your way of thinking that will require an openness to change and challenging status quos. “Disruption” is not just an activity for organizations in Silicon Valley. It is a necessary paradigm adjustment that all companies need in order to improve, enhance, and thrive.

Does your organization need a digital transformation?

Hide as you may; every organization will need to face the challenge of digital transformations in some way to simply survive in today’s marketplace. While pretty much any area of your business could likely find a digital evaluation and transformation valuable, perhaps, the most important area for modern organizations to look at is the user/customer

Today’s buyers are quick to jump ship if corporations cannot meet expectations of responsiveness, convenience, and personalization. Further, this mentality isn’t just for consumer goods. It equally applies to the Senior Financial Analyst sitting inside your operations team looking for a newer, nicer tool that could meet these needs because your current ERP tool just isn’t cutting it. Which could then lead to a whole ton of potential costs relating to new licenses, integrations, user training, etc.

How can I become an #influencer?

Before this sounds too much like a doomsday scenario, you should know that there is plenty of hope and resources out there to support you as you start to tackle this type of effort. We are here to help educate and empower professionals of all levels of SAP’s numerous capabilities to help organizations successfully move through these changes. In order to get your leadership on board, you may have to start at the roots, the “why” so to speak.

This can help define either the problem or the potential that will help drive the sense of urgency that will be crucial to gaining support for these transformation initiatives. A fantastic way to truly define this why and help illuminate the need for your teams is a Design Thinking Workshop to help understand the problem, empathize with the end users, define the audience, ideate on new solutions, prototype new ideas, and test the new solutions.

The term digital transformation may sound like a time-clocked buzzword. However, the mentality will be imperative for your organization’s success for years to come. However, we know it is no small feat to accomplish these initiatives. We’d love to partner with you on this exciting new endeavor.

For more insights into digital transformations or Mindset’s Design Thinking Workshops, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We can’t wait to speak with you!


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Sarah Lewis is a Senior Account Executive at Mindset with more than 8 years of experience working with clients on technical staffing needs and optimization projects. She loves helping clients solve problems, meeting new people, and collaborating with her talented team. Outside of work, Sarah is an avid runner, bookworm, and dog mom to two wonderful pups, Huckleberry & Jack. She enjoys hiking with her husband and competing in her recreational flag-football and kickball leagues.

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