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The Importance of Employee Wellness Programs

Pre-pandemic, employee wellness programs were likely a hot topic turned buzzword to attract new talent and boost internal morale at your organization. Now, 6 months into our new work-from-home lifestyle amid a global health crisis, these programs should take even more of a precedence to keep your employees healthy, engaged, and at peak productivity. 2020 has probably left most of your team feeling sluggish, run-down, and stressed out. It is important to prioritize their well-being so that you can continue to have a strong workforce and positive impact on your company culture – key items that help retain and attract the best possible talent. 

Amidst the unprecedented times, the job market is continuing to remain competitive and if you want the best of the best people – your wellness program needs to be more than just a bulleted item under employee perks. This is when your actions must follow your stated core values. 

Incorporating Employee Wellness Into the Workday

While working from home, it’s very possible that your employees are not following a linear 9-5, sit-at-desk- workday. And that’s okay! You’ll want to prioritize quality results over quantity of sit-time. Encourage your team to get up, stretch, take a walk, get outside, and take a break from their computers. This will help increase their energy, boost moods, and help keep them motivated and engaged. You can do fun fitness challenges with your team such as logging exercise minutes and rewarding winners. Or you could post daily or weekly recommendations for trying new things such as a new yoga position or local hiking route. Keeping fitness at top-of-mind for your team will help them feel encouraged to do what’s best for their bodies to help combat stress and remain active.

Outside of physical fitness, there are many other facets of an employee wellness program that should be considered and incorporated. For example, mental health is of peak importance right now during these trying times. The broad array of current events can be incredibly taxing on individuals’ mental well-being and may require a flexible approach to their working day. Leaders need to have empathy and understanding as they work with their teams during these times. Encourage your team members to be open and honest with how they are feeling and provide them with a safe space to do what they need to feel complete. By communicating openly with your team, you can erase the stigma so often associated with mental health and create an atmosphere conducive to an inclusive and effective workforce.

Employee Wellness is More Than Just Physical 

Wellness programs can venture further than just individual allowances as well. Perhaps, your accounting team can put together education programs related to financial stability or resource planning? Maybe your senior leaders could put together a virtual class dedicated to career growth skills? If your team includes parents, maybe you could host a weekly virtual gathering for parents. They could share their commiserations or successes of the week while trying to homeschool and work at home all week? You could reward your employees for pursuing educational or recreationals courses and events outside of your organization. The great thing about it is that it doesn’t have to be boring or one-size-fits-all. Your team is a combination of unique individuals with various passions and lifestyles so you’ll want to create a program that is reflective of that. This will help show your value of your team members and if an employee feels seen, heard, valued, and respected, they are much more likely to perform at higher levels and stay on board with your organization.

Mindset’s Dedication to Employee Wellness

At Mindset, we are kicking off a comprehensive Q4 Community & Wellness Challenge for all of our employees. The challenge includes a Bingo board comprising various activities ranging from physical fitness to volunteer shifts. We’ve offered rewards for the first few Bingo-achieving members of our team as an incentive to participate. The goal is to get our team members up and active. Further, active with both themselves and our community. This helps to ensure we are staying whole and healthy. We know that our people are our reason for successful partnerships with our clients. It is our job to help keep them well. For more information on our program or how we can help you shape yours, reach out to us today. We hope you stay safe & healthy! 


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Sarah Lewis is a Senior Account Executive at Mindset with more than 8 years of experience working with clients on technical staffing needs and optimization projects. She loves helping clients solve problems, meeting new people, and collaborating with her talented team. Outside of work, Sarah is an avid runner, bookworm, and dog mom to two wonderful pups, Huckleberry & Jack. She enjoys hiking with her husband and competing in her recreational flag-football and kickball leagues.

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