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Is Your Team Ready for the Challenges of 2021?

Business Transformation. Optimized Customer Experience. Automation. Security.

These have been the top business trends of which discussions on what we can predict for 2021 revolve. As the world, hopefully, shifts to a post-pandemic landscape, these buzzwords will need to become reality for organizations to survive. 2020 may be behind us, but the many ripples of its disruptions are still shaking our workforces causing companies to re-evaluate priorities, shift focus, drop old initiatives, and embrace change. These new programs demand the top resources and we’re already seeing patterns of new talent gaps emerge.

The pandemic has drastically impacted Supply Chain across all industries leaving companies scrambling to identify the right resources to lead them through these unprecedented times. A January 2021 report from Gartner indicated that only 27% of leaders believe they currently have the talent needed to meet current supply chain performance requirements.

A problem these leaders share is retaining & growing their supply chain teams to have the proper mix of digital aptitude and business acumen required to navigate the various challenges of today’s world. In order to recover from this deficiency, business leaders will need to prioritize their talent retention and training strategies. However, this is to empower their employees and better equip them with new technical assets.

In addition to gaps in Supply Chain, organizations are witnessing increased competition and gaps in IT – specifically in DevOps, UX, and Security. As more organizations shift focus to bolstering these areas of their business, the market for qualified talent is getting squeezed tighter and tighter. Gartner recently reported that the median time to fill critical digital roles has increased by 30 business days over the past decade. This delay can cause major disruptions to your teams as they struggle to get by without proper support. Lack of proper team support can create even disengagement from overburdened current team members, resulting in attrition, further deepening the talent deficiency cycle.

So what 2021 challenges, if any, are your teams facing?

Perhaps, you have strategies in place but your team has no bandwidth to execute. Maybe you need that visionary support to help craft your gameplan. Or are you too deep scrambling just to keep your head above water to even consider these issues? In order to overcome these challenges, it’s crucial to secure a trusted partnership with a talent-sourcing organization. Secure an organization that’s 100% dedicated to identifying, attracting, and retaining the top resources. As the Gartner report indicates, the process to secure talent on your own can be time consuming and, ultimately, detrimental.

Mindset can help by leveraging our immediate access to qualified, vetted, and trusted resource network of more than 9,000 professionals. These resources’ expertise span the collective business ecosystem across all industries. Before matching with our client partners, there is a thorough screening. Our job is to enable your teams to meet the unique requirements and challenges of business today. Further, do do this both quickly and effectively.


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Sarah Lewis is a Senior Account Executive at Mindset with more than 8 years of experience working with clients on technical staffing needs and optimization projects. She loves helping clients solve problems, meeting new people, and collaborating with her talented team. Outside of work, Sarah is an avid runner, bookworm, and dog mom to two wonderful pups, Huckleberry & Jack. She enjoys hiking with her husband and competing in her recreational flag-football and kickball leagues.

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