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Robb Neuenschwander

Welcome Robb Neuenschwander

I am excited to announce that Robb Neuenschwander has joined Mindset last week as a Principal Architect on our Strategic Organization.  Robb has 30 years of experience in the IT industry.  He began his career in consulting working at Computer…

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How Agile is your SAP Organization?

Have you ever questioned yourself, on how Agile your “SAP Organization” is? Possibly not since the words “SAP Implementation project” are still synonymous with the Waterfall model. To the credit of both SAP and many companies using SAP, great strides…

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What is your SAP Technology Leadership Style

As companies continue to embark on the journey of digital transformation, a key question stands before their leaders - Do they embrace a leadership style of  "Change Catalyst" or  "Guardian of Tradition?" Most organizations have recognized the value of Lean…

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Top 3 Picks from SAP TechEd – Las Vegas

This year TechEd was packed with nerds of all clans - Data Scientists, UX Designers, MEAN stack developers, IT Managers, BA, Fiori Developers, and ABAP-ers. If one would have visited TechEd 10 years ago, the majority of the crowd would…

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Dev Tip: Debugging Minified Fiori Apps

To sign up and get your dev tips delivered to your inbox each week, click here! Tip of the Week Debugging Minified Fiori Apps Minification in JavaScript Minification is a programming practice in interpreted languages like JavaScript. The advantage is…

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