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Dev Tip: Debug SAP Fiori Client Application in Android devices.

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Tip of the Week

Debug SAP Fiori Client Application in Android devices.

In my previous Dev Tip –  “Tips to Debug SAP Fiori Client Application on iOS devices”, we learned about how to debug Fiori Client Cordova Applications on iOS devices. In this week’s dev tip, we will cover our Android friends.

Whether it is a Google Nexus or Motorola or TC-70 the Fiori Client Cordova Android App can run seamlessly on most Android versions. The TC-70’s are the most popular among enterprise devices. If you walk into any retail outlet you would probably run into associates who would be holding these devices and interacting with Fiori Apps. The chances are high that it could be a Mindset Design lead Fiori App.

Fiori Client App is a Cordova based Hybrid Application which can be created for Android, iOS or Windows mobile platforms. Using Cordova plugins, we can interact with native features of the phone like:

  • Camera
  • Touch ID
  • Scanner
  • Voice Recording
  • Geo Location etc.

You can find the standard Kaspel & Cordova Plugins available with Fiori Client here.

My Environment

  • Mac Book Pro
  • Samsung S8
  • Chrome Browser

Time to get our hands dirty!

1. Launch the App on your device and login to the Application

2.Connect the Android Device to your computer.3. Open the Chrome Browser and enter the following in the address bar: “chrome://inspect/#devices”
4. At first, you may not see any ‘Remote Targets.’ This could be because the device is not in Developer Mode. To enable developer mode go to Settings -> About Phone -> Tap on ‘Build’ 5 times. This will enable the ‘Developer Mode’ on the device.
5. You will still not see any changes on your Chrome browser because we need to perform one more step. Activate USB debugging on the Settings -> Developer Settings
6. Now you will be able to see a Remote Target in your Chrome Browser
7. Launch your App and you will be able to debug the Fiori Client

Teaser Question

Now that you know how to debug Apps using Chrome browser, would you be able to debug an app like HBO or Delta on the Play Store?

Think about it and send your answers with reasons to


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