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Case Study: Manufacturing

U.S. Manufacturing Conglomerate

Eliminating Pain Points in Shipping and Receiving Processes

Before partnering with Mindset, vendors needed to access the client’s SAP EWM system via Citrix for its inbound and outbound shipping updates. This process was complex and rife with inefficiencies, due to the multiple t-codes and screens required to create and confirm shipment. Mindset leveraged its Design Thinking process to gain a deep understanding of the problem, then created low-resolution mock-ups to brainstorm the potential solution and tested them with stakeholders. The Mindset team finalized the solution by establishing the SAP Digital Core, setting up the client’s SAP Agile/DevOps process, and executing design and development between SimpLEX, Process Orders, and Document Search. The end result dramatically simplified and streamlined inbound and outbound shipping pain points.

Final screens give users a clear view of shipment status and available action steps.

shipping efficiency
time to process shipments
labor hours required

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