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SAP EWM: Top 5 Best functions

 Part two. To see part one of this blog start HERE

3. Fixed Bin Replenishment

Many warehouses use the concept of a primary or forward picking area.  A forward pick area is usually the ground and first level of a high rack system which is easily accessible and does not require special equipment for picking.  Because space is limited, the forward pick area must be replenished by “dropping” overstock pallets from above.  In standard WM, fixed bin replenishment was limited to one storage bin per material.  However, I’ve often seen multiple bins needed to support fast-moving product.  In EWM, this limitation has been eliminated with the ability to define multiple fixed bins for a single material.  Replenishment strategies must be put in place to initiate the replenishment of the forward pick area as inventory falls below pre-determined levels.  In SAP EWM, there are five (5) basic replenishment strategies:

4. Warehouse Order Creation Rules:

A warehouse order combines multiple warehouse tasks together using a set of rules to create an executable work package for the warehouse operator.  Warehouse order creation rules can:

  • Specify how to sort warehouse tasks within a warehouse order
  • Filter line items by min/max volume or weight
  • Limit the size of a work order by max volume or weight

A combination of warehouse creation rules can be defined to support different picking processes within the warehouse to maximize picking and packing efficiencies, equipment and resource utilization, etc.  For example:

  • 1. Grouping multiple single line orders together
  • 2. Grouping 2-9 line item orders together in groups of three (3)
  • 3. Grouping of export orders together since they often times have a different shipping process or require additional labeling or documentation
  • 4. Grouping of freight orders between 150 – 250 lbs
  • 5. Grouping of freight orders greater than 250 lbs

5. Pick-by-Cart

All I have to say is FINALLY.   One of the most common and efficient warehouse picking processes is finally supported in S/4 HANA 1709 through a Fiori app.  With the Pick-by-Cart Fiori app, a user can pick multiple orders with a pick cart in a single trip through the warehouse.

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Stephanie Weiss is a Senior Solution Architect at Mindset with more than 20 years of SAP experience managing and implementing integrated SAP supply chain / logistics solutions. She is a self-proclaimed warehouse management (and EWM) geek. Outside of work she is an avid yoga practitioner, bookworm, fisher-woman and foodie. Her greatest passion is traveling and exploring the world with her husband and two little munchkins.

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