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Join us for our first Cloud Roundtable January 22nd

The topic of cloud is an exciting one for SAP environments. Cloud promising cost savings, agility, scalability, and an opportunity to rebuild from the ground up leaving behind decades of accumulated technical debt. However, cloud is also confusing and complex. As we discuss categorizations of different types of cloud services, or arguments about public vs. private cloud. Large companies also cannot avoid navigating multi-year migrations, at best, during which you must manage a hybrid landscape. And legacy applications may not go away for years or decades, and so require special considerations.

Mindset’s series of roundtables on DevOps topics have proven to be helpful forum for discussing experiences and learnings around implementing DevOps practices. When we surveyed participants of previous DevOps roundtables, and discussed with SAP customers, cloud is always close to the top of the list of interests. Therefore, we are looking forward to expanding the roundtable circuit to include the Cloud topic.

So, do you use SAP in a cloud environment? Do you use SAP Cloud Platform, or work on SAP-related products and are thinking about cloud? Come share your experiences and learn from others in the community. If you just have questions, Mindset will have experts on hand. However, we recognize the much of the value of these roundtables comes from sharing questions and answers with fellow practitioners. Therefore, we leave plenty of room for that discussion to take place.

The first Mindset Cloud Roundtable will be on January 22nd, at 10am US Central time. You can read more and register here: We’re looking forward to having a great conversation about cloud experiences to kick off this new roundtable series!


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