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Sandeep Are

Welcome Mike Fu!

Mindset is excited to welcome Mike Fu to our UX team. In this conversation with Vince Sonson he shares a little about himself. Tell us about your career to date, Mike FU! I've worn many hats over the years. My…

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SAPUI5: Multicomponent Application

Over the last decade, I have seen the immense possibilities SAP UI5 brings to businesses - sustainability, efficiency, productivity. In my blog today, I will take you through the various components of SAP UI5 and how it contributes to preparing…

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kelly byrd

Kelly Byrd: My 5

Welcome to my (Kelly Byrd) first blog! It certainly will not be my last. In fact, I want to be known world wide. Go big, or go home right? I am prompted to start a blog because I recently started…

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