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Reflecting on my Transformative Journey at SAP Demo Jam 2023

SAP Demo Jam 2023, for me, wasn’t just a competition; it was a journey filled with exciting experiences and lessons that opened my eyes to new possibilities & learnings. It was a place where people came together, shared their ideas, and celebrated creativity.

When I got the email from SAP announcing our team had been selected for Demo Jam at TechEd 2023, it was an unbelievable moment. All the hard work and creative thinking was finally paying off. This win didn’t just belong to us; it was the power of our team, the collaboration, and all the great ideas finally bearing fruit. SAP Demo Jam wasn’t just about competing; it was about working together and supporting each other as a team.

SAP TechEd is BIG! There is no better platform to showcase our idea using different SAP technologies & GenAI. That was a big motivation for us to demo this idea in front of a large audience. After the announcement from SAP, we were excited, to say the least, and once we shared this news with all our colleagues at Mindset, excitement knew no bounds.

We navigated through the different stages of Design Thinking: Understand, Observe, Point of View, Ideate, Prototype, and Test. After several iterations of prototyping, we agreed on a final prototype for development. The feedback from Katherine Kenneally and Craig Cmehil 

(SAP Demo Jam co-ordinators), was instrumental in shaping the final version of the app.

Our healthy smart food app utilizes the latest and most advanced technology available to us today. We had such a blast exploring new technologies.

Working on new areas in BTP – low-code/no-code (Build Apps), Build Process Automation, HANA Cloud, Generative AI, SAP Mobile Start – has been fascinating, to say the least, and each day, we realize the endless possibilities available to us today through these technologies. It’s such a pleasure and a matter of pride for us to share the stage with the other teams and be part of one of this year’s most awaited tech events. In addition to Demo Jam, we attended different sessions and learned a lot.

One of the best parts about attending TechEd was learning about new technologies, attending developer keynotes, and different learning sessions and hands-on sessions.

SAP TechEd wasn’t just a one-time feeling for me; I will treasure this experience forever. The things I learned and the connections I made will continue to guide me in my future journey to explore more about technology and innovation.

Meet our Demo Jam Core Team Members: Keerthana Subramani, Shivananda B Vinay Chowdary Maulik Parekh, Ravi Kant, and Vikas Jangra.

To explore or if someone missed our demo, please use this link to watch Healthy Smart Food Menu App Demo.

Some quick snaps from the Sap Tech-Ed Demo Jam:

Ravi Kant & myself with our Demo Jam Host and instructor Craig Cmehil on the rehearsal day.

SAP Demo Jam


Privilege to meet Juergen Mueller & Michael Ameling backstage at SAP TechEd 2023.SAP Demo Jam

Some glimpse during our SAP Demo Jam presentation on the stage.

SAP Demo Jam

SAP Demo Jam


It was great to meet the organizer team, Cecilia Huergo & Peeyush Chaurasia of the SAP TechEd this year.

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Vikas is an experienced Developer at Mindset with over 5 years of experience in working with SAP systems and customers. His areas of specialization include Core ABAP, OData, SAP Gateway, and CDS. At Mindset, Vikas takes charge of SAP project delivery and execution. He resides in New Delhi, India, along with his family. Vikas enjoys riding his bike, playing badminton, going to the gym, reading self-help books, and most importantly, spending quality time with his loved ones.

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