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Customer Stories: Manufacturing

Global Manufacturing Corporation

Avoiding System Failure with Customized New Solutions

The client feared that their outdated, decades-old legacy system could fail at any moment and cripple the business’s ability to track its processes and inventory. In order to avoid this impending threat, a new, innovative solution was needed that would bring increased visibility to manufacturing activity and resources. Mindset replaced the existing AS/400 process with a ruggedized tablet-capable, SAP-based SAPUI5 solution. The reliable, mobile-friendly solution increased visibility to costs incurred, time spent, and resources required during manufacturing processes.

Screen shop of application
Screen shop of application
newly-designed applications
customization of applications
productivity and mobility
“The development team on this project continues to complete all planned and unplanned deliverables with ease and excitement. A hats-off to this team for all that you do to support this project. So great to have a group that rises to the challenge presented. We are successful because of the commitment and teamwork on this project.”

– Project Owner

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