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Mindset SafeTransport

Enables a Safer and Faster Supply Chain

Mindset’s SafeTransport™ for SAP is a cloud based solution designed to allow warehouse clerks to interact with truck drivers without physical interaction.  Our product delivers a safer and more streamlined version of the Check-In and Check-Out procedure common in most warehouses.

Simplify your transportation check-in/out process!

SafeTransport™ for SAP is a cloud solution hosted by Mindset designed to allow warehouse clerks to interact with transporters of goods (truck drivers) without physical interaction.  Our product focuses on the common Check-In and Check-Out procedure that warehouses and manufacturing plants utilize to release trucks into secure areas so raw materials and finished goods go from one place to another safely and securely.

Linked to current Transit worker COVID-19 guidelines from the CDC:

In many locations it is a requirement to physically separate people by 6 feet.  Many transport workers do this with plexiglass which makes it harder to interact with passengers.  In our case, we’re not interacting with passengers, but warehouse workers and truck drivers.  Essential employees to our nation’s transportation of goods.

Mindset’s SafeTransport application is a simple, easy-to-use, contactless transportation check-in and check-out tool.  Check out our 10 minute video introducing the key features and functionality below along with details below:


Go from this:

To this:

Who is it for?

  1. Does it take longer than a minute to check driver’s into your warehouse facility?
  2. Do you manually check drivers in today?
  3. Do drivers have to physically get out of the truck to check-in with a clerk?
  4. Is your check-in/out process paper based today?
  5. In the event of an emergency does it take longer than a minute to see who’s in the yard?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions, our solution may be for you!

Solution overview

SafeTransport has 2 main users with different needs and pain points in their current paper based process.  We’ve used Tim Trucker and Wendy Warehouse to capture the personas of these users:

To solve the problems of each of these users, we focused on digital technology enablement and a very simplistic user interface built using UI5 and standard design controls.

How we Built it

The solution is both easy to use for the end user and easy to install/deploy for customer IT teams.  This solution will be cloud hosted by Mindset and technically supported by Mindset which is included in the software license fee.  SAP Cloud Platform private tenants will be used for hosting individual customer driver, warehouse clerk, and reporting applications.  Customizations can be made to individual customers and new features can be deployed to any customer at any time from the Mindset SCP development team.  Any integrations/customizations with SAP WM/TM can be handled by the Customer IT team and Mindset development team jointly in the deployment process.

A day in the life scenario

A transportation driver shows up to the check-in gate of a client facility where goods need to be picked up, dropped off or trailers need to be picked up/dropped.  Upon arrival, the driver sees instructions on his carrier instructions available to him in his truck.  Upon opening the URL, he/she types in their Freight/Delivery order number or clicks a button that he/she doesn’t have one.  If he/she has entered a freight/delivery # the next screen shows prepopulated check-in information.  They can add any other details needed and click Check-In.  This check-in information is sent in real time to the Warehouse Clerk (“WC”) who verifies the information and tells the driver where to go.  Upon check-out, the driver will use the same URL link to enter information about the check-out.  The WC uses this information to physically verify the trailer, enter information, and generate the BOL.  The screen has a signature pad for the driver to sign & confirm everything is correct on the BOL.  The Warehouse Clerk decides to send a completed E-BOL to the driver or print a hard copy if necessary.

Features & Benefits

  • Contactless check-in/out
  • Mindset  Cloud Hosted
  • Built using UI5 standards
  • Simple technical architecture utilizing SAP Cloud Platform and Hana DB
  • Available integrations into SAP ECC or S/4
  • SAP Transportation Management not required
  • Can work standalone without a SAP backend if desired

Fast and Easy Deployment

Deployment timeline:  Deployed in as little as 2 weeks!

Target Solution Areas:

  • Transportation Management
  • Supply Chain Management

Target Industries:

  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Oil and Gas
  • Consumer Goods


  • North America

Please contact us for pricing information and technical architecture details!

Interested in learning more about how Mindset can help you?

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With more than a decade of making SAP beautiful, Mindset has the tools and the processes to help you make your next strategic leaps fast then you can imagine.

App Library?



At Mindset’s core is Mindset Labs

Mindset started with a single customer who wanted to innovate, try, and test. From that  beginning the DNA of Mindset has its roots in the ability to combine the latest SAP  technologies with people to deliver highly useable solutions that are fast and agile.

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