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Mindset Field Report from Amsterdam and India

Today, as I hurtle over the Pacific Ocean on the way home, I’d like to share the results of the other two primary objectives for the trip: building stronger personal relationships with our global customer base, and continuing to build a global delivery network that is great and also price competitive.

I was lucky enough to make a few trips to meet with customers on this trip – one in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, and one in the bustling city of Bangalore. On both occasions, our customers told us what we already knew – that our focus on an extremely positive customer experience is greatly appreciated by our customers, and continues to be a key way that we differentiate our services.

In Amsterdam, our customer explained to me in great detail how wonderful it was to have the project’s lead Mindset team member in the office during critical times of the go-live for the EWM implementation which we were leading.  Not only did it provide an opportunity for rapid turnaround of questions and issues, but it also put their business team and end users at ease to be working with a team that is both transparent and clearly working with the customer’s best interest in mind.  At Mindset, we believe that the most effective way for us to grow our business is to make huge fans of the people that we work for – this engagement and interaction with the team in Amsterdam validated that our approach is working.

Which brings me to the third purpose of our trip – to ensure that we’re continuing to build a world-class delivery organization in locations outside of the US.  While we know that providing a remarkable experience to our customers is critical to our success, we also know that our customers have budgets, not to mention other low-cost options, to deliver their services.  Our offshore team is a key part of our ability to be competitive on costs, while not sacrificing the approach and values that drive great experiences. A focus on this trip, in addition to reiterating that value proposition with our India based team, was to identify new innovations to continue to scale and adapt our global model to reflect our investments in services related to S/4HANA, SAP Cloud Platform, and beyond.  

Side Note:  this was my third trip to India, and my most enjoyable. Each time I’ve visited, I’ve gained additional appreciation for the rich history and culture there, as well as the strong commitment and values that our team there possess.  I’m looking forward to continuing to build and expand our presence there to better serve our customers with experiences that are both remarkable and valuable. 

All in all, I couldn’t be happier with the outcomes of this trip.  It’s really fun to be part of a company with mission to deliver a global reach while remaining focused on our customer-centric values, and I’m really looking forward to continue to show even more people what we can do.



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Luke Van Epern oversees the Solutions Delivery practice at Mindset, following 12+ years of experience implementing enterprise software solutions at large IT companies in the Twin Cities. He uses the perspective he gained as a member of "Big IT" to help Mindset's customers find ways to disrupt their status quo, and to build a delivery organization that can regularly exceed customer expectations.

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