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Virtual DevOps Day: Focus on Testing

On April 24th Mindset will be hosting our 2nd DevOps Roundtable, with a focus on testing. Our first roundtable featured 2 brief presentations from Mindset experts interspersed between excellent discussions among more than 20 participants representing 11 major SAP implementation customers in the Twin Cities area. The goal of the forum was to give space for customers to talk with each other about their experiences implementing DevOps practices in an SAP landscape, and we were delighted at the wealth of experience that was shared and the lively discussions on topics such as testing, agile vs. waterfall, deployment methodology, development process, and ensuring system stability.

We gathered feedback on possible topics for a round 2 and the majority of interest was regarding testing and agile. For this DevOps day we are moving to a more condensed virtual format featuring one short presentation on the state of testing in SAP landscapes followed by a moderated roundtable discussion.

While we are going to remain focused on customers in the geographic region, one great benefit of the virtual format is that we can invite folks implementing SAP from all over the country and world. So if you are implementing SAP at a company and want to discuss your experience with DevOps with other customers, come join us at 10am US Central time on April 24th! Register HERE



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